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Have you ever changed your body shape through diet and exercise?

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Holymoly321 Mon 14-Mar-16 10:21:42

Following on from an earlier thread about body shape, just wondering if anybody has ever been able to change their basic body shape through diet and exercise. I'm an apple (really annoying!) and have never had a waist. Have slim arms and legs, but size 34DD boobs, broad back, short waisted and bit of tum (mainly due to two DSs). I have tried diets and exercise but basically can't seem to get myself a waist. Am over 40 now and wondering if I should just give up (or save up for lipsuction in order to create a waistline). I look fine from the side, but from the front, as I'm quite broad but don't go 'in' in the middle, I look heavier than I am (I'm around 8st13 and about 5'4).

Knackeredknitter67 Mon 14-Mar-16 13:32:40

I have never been actually able to change my structure. I have been very very thin, but still the same basic shape. I have broad shoulders, and similar size hips. I think waist might be down to the shape of your rib-cage, so even if you have a tummy that sticks out a bit when viewed side on, you will still have the same silhouette when viewed from the front/back. The thinnest I ever was, apart from when suffering from anorexia, was a size 8 in the 90's. I had a 23 inch waist and 34 inch hips, with 35 inch boobs. I remember because I was still a bit obsessed and measured regularly. Now I am 30f, 26, 37. So my basic shape is the same but a bit bigger. Also 1.5 stones heavier blush

Naicecuppatea Mon 14-Mar-16 14:17:38

Yes. Previously I did not have much of a waist, also a short waist, and a flat bum, slim, but more or less straight up and down. Now I have a more defined waist and bum. I have been running 3 times a week for more than a year and have lost almost a stone through that alone. I also do a lot of core exercise like planks, side planks etc which are very good for waist defining.

Naicecuppatea Mon 14-Mar-16 14:21:28

Re-reading your OP, I had a very similar build to you, but 5ft3, and smaller boobs. I was quite surprised how much running I had to do to make a difference. In my case, despite running so often, the weight came off, and my body changed very slowly, it took about 5 months. So what I am saying I suppose is you need to incorporate a lot of the right type of exercise!

LadyPriggsbottom Mon 14-Mar-16 14:22:07

My sister did I think. She used to be an apple but did a lot of work on her bum and legs at the gym to build muscle and lots of core work. She is now definitely more of an hour glass even though she doesn't make it to the gym as regularly - just walks briskly everywhere (a few miles every day) to stay fit.

BlueEyedWonder Mon 14-Mar-16 14:56:41

I'm 5ft, currently weigh 7 stone 5.
Several years ago I lost 2 stone through running, watching my portion size and some kettlercise/very light weights work.
Whilst I'm not sure you can completely change what nature have you (I'm never going to be tall and willowy), I think you can improve it. Now I'm lighter my pear shape is not so pronounced, my thighs are slimmer and my bottom more toned.

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