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Dress for Christening

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Equimum Mon 14-Mar-16 08:48:02

We are getting our second baby christened next month and I (literally!) have nothing to wear. I was planning on wearing one of my old dresses, but when I tried them on yesterday,none fitiver my bust.

It's a while since I have bought a dress andI feel a bit lost about what to go for/ where to look.

I am 34, 5ft10 tall, approx size 10, and tend to wear navy or black & white, if prints. I like the idea of a wrap dress (possibly mock), but would like something I can wear again. It also needs to go with a cardigan/ jacket, which I would also need to buy.

I am open to other colours/ styles, and have a budget of up to £125 for dress, jacket/cardi and possibly shoes. Ideally, I'd prefer a bit less. Can anyone suggest any dresses/ outfits they have seen, or point me to where I might look, please. I will be eternally grateful. Thank-you.

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