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So, we've done Korean beauty, anyone up for Korean fashion?

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SlinkyVagabond Mon 14-Mar-16 07:38:50

Idly browsing more KB sites and happened upon Yesstyle. Now a lot of the stuff is aimed at svelte young things, (so dd's eyes lit up), but there's nice bags, stationery and accessories too. And very reasonable prices.Anyone used them, or similar? Tips, hints?.

Chocolate1985 Mon 14-Mar-16 17:20:43

I bough some tops from Yes Style last November and they arrived mid December . I ordered medium sized as had read sizes were very smal and I'm a 10-12 so wanted to ensure they weren't too little ; in fact all three tips were pretty big . I would still like to try again as a lot of their clothes look lovely particularly the ' two piece' which is like a skirt and a top together . I could probably spend hours on there actually! Would also be interested to see if anyone else has bought from it OP

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