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In the bathroom with... MNers

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CaptainWarbeck Mon 14-Mar-16 07:13:47

Taking inspiration from the great Sali Hughes youtube videos which I love (just watched the Gizzi Erskine one which is great, I much prefer the ones with non-beauty experts who are honest about what products they love, however basic) AND the controversial beauty blogger threads here recently, I'm intrigued about what's in the bathrooms of MNers. What would you get on your soapbox about in your bathroom? What products do you regularly use and love, how did you get into beauty, do you have a certain look you swear by etc etc?

CaptainWarbeck Mon 14-Mar-16 07:15:05

I'll go first.

I'm CaptainWarbeck, I'm late twenties and have a bloody tiny bathroom in a rented house <perches on bog, clutches tea>. I dream of a lovely big one with gleaming tiles and a bath with claw feet. In an ideal world I'd faff about with makeup and hair products for hours, but I have a non-sleeping 10mo so am currently on the bare essentials.

Can't rifle through a bag as I have one of those brilliant plastic makeup stands (bought off eBay), keeps everything all neat and organised. So, my swear bys in it are my Lancome Effacernes concealer, which I've used for years and its coverage and staying power are both very very good. I also like Body Shop cheek and lip stain, again lasts for ages and very pretty colour. Had it for years actually. Always always use liquid eyeliner for a nice finished look but haven't found one I love yet.

My one proper extravagance is L'occitane Immortelle night moisturising cream, it's rich and smells gorgeous and I like the little blue pot. It's chock full of essential oils and probably madly overpriced but weirdly my sensitive skin loves it.

Other than that I double cleanse with Garnier micellar water and a hot flannel and use Effaclar Duo like it's going out of fashion.

SaliShoes Mon 14-Mar-16 08:29:45

When you said 'bathroom' I thought you meant products for the bath and shower. Some of us have dressing tables and put our products there. So do you mean all beauty products or bath / grooming stuff?

candykane25 Mon 14-Mar-16 08:45:58

Bathroom s just stuff to get me clean. I use Lush soap and shampoo at the moment,
Dressing table wise, it's Amie rose hip moisturiser, lush eye cream, botanics bb cream, kana came primer, phwoar concealer from non16c and benefit Fine One One blusher stick, with benefit palette of blushes depending on mood. Benefit mascara, and various lipsticks including lush lip tints and YSL lip laquer.
These products are my tried and tested and suit my skin the best and also take minimal time to apply.

candykane25 Mon 14-Mar-16 08:47:04

*Phwoar from no 17 and lanacane primer

Donge13 Mon 14-Mar-16 08:47:31

< sits on the edge of the bath >

I'm donge and I'm 43.
I love Lancôme Genifique serum and L'Occataine hand cream

I use superdrug face masks and I don't leave the house without benefit hoola on my cheeks or I look 3week dead grin

SaliShoes Mon 14-Mar-16 08:59:08

I use Molton Brown or REN shower products.
I use Aussie shampoos.
Neutrogena moisturising lotion all over and their handcream.
I use Olay 3 point Regenerist morning and night, sometimes Trilogy rosehip at night.
Sunscreen spf25-40+ daily from age 35. Am now 60 and people think I am much younger.
Cleanser is currently Clinique Take the Day off balm .
Most of my make up used daily is Bobbi Brown, Dior foundation and Clinique lippies.

CaptainWarbeck Mon 14-Mar-16 09:18:59

Whichever really Sali, I thought I'd be interesting to see if certain products keep cropping up as favourites, and generally what people have found is good.

I'm dying to try Clinique's take the day off balm (mainly because I love the name) but have heard it's not great for oily skin.

Candy interesting you're a fan of Lush stuff, I had a go with their cleansers and didn't think much of them. Might try their shampoo though, which do you use?

SaliShoes Mon 14-Mar-16 09:21:46

The Clinique balm is nice and it washes off so should be fine for oily skin. There is no residue left if you wash it off with warm water or a hot flannel. I do think it is overpriced for what are some basic emulsifiers. It was a bit of a treat and sometimes I use cheap cleansers- eg L'Oreal cleansing lotions for £5.

candykane25 Mon 14-Mar-16 11:02:52

captain I have fair fine hair and use the DaddyO which makes my hair unbelievably soft and it smells of Parma violets. I also use their New shampoo soap which is cinnamon ish and leaves my hair squeaky clean.

Carpaccio Mon 14-Mar-16 11:33:43

The Clinique balm is nice for oily skin - it doesn't leave a film on the skin like some other cleansing balms do. Body Shop Chamomile cleansing butter is similar.

In the morning, I wash my face with either Cetaphil with my clarisonic or Garancia Pschitt Magique (it's a mild micropeeling foam that you leave on the skin for 30 seconds and rinse off).

I don't have my makeup or skincare products in the bathroom as it's too hot and humid. I have a dressing table (it's really an office desk) in a room where I do my makeup, keep my bags, some of my clothes and jewellery and so on.
My current favourite products are:
Roc Hydra+ moisturiser
Cover FX custom cover drops
Clinique City Block SPF 40
Clinique Lash Power mascara (it's a tubing mascara, all other types of mascara flake and smudge on me)
Laura Mercier Caviar stick in several colours - I mainly use warm neutral colours (they are cream eyeshadows that set on the lid so they last all day)
Lancome Shine Lover in 357 (it's a glossy lipstick, not completely opaque and this colour is a dark pink).
For blushers, I tend to use Guerlain, Inglot, Laura Mercier or Mac.
I have recently started using a loose translucent powder from Essence (that I bought a while back) and I prefer this to the NARS Light Reflecting Setting Loose Powder.

I am currently using Alpha H liquid gold every other evening, after cleaning with the take the day off balm. It is very good - I've only used it for a week or two but my skin is looking and feeling much better.

coleus Mon 14-Mar-16 11:48:07

All stars include...
Decleor Hydrafloral moisturiser - light and instantly sinks into my dehydrated face.
Decleor Systeme Corps body moisturiser - smells great, sinks in and leaves a beautiful sheen.
Alpha H Liquid Gold - keeps those horrid painful blind spots at bay for me.
Emma Hardie cleansing balm - love the smell and texture, feels luxurious.
Australian Bodycare tea tree skinwash for bits and pits. Never without this.
Dior Nail Glow for a my-nails-but-better look.
Clarins hand and nail cream. Smells great and sinks in beautifully.
L'Occitane hand wash - moisturising and fragrant. Keeps my hands hydrated.
Vaseline for nails
Tea tree essential oil for spots and fungal nails
Aveda shampoo and conditioner
Kerastase anti-frizz leave in spray
Babyliss Big Hair

I use masks and scrubs but haven't found one I'd want to repurchase.

coleus Mon 14-Mar-16 11:53:43

Make up stars include
YSL ink fusion foundation - I hate looking dewy or matte. This is just skin.
Clinique all over face powder - worn on its own in summer.
Any taupe non-sparkly powder on eyebrows with the short, stuff angled bare minerals brush
Haven't found a blush, mascara or lipstick I love and would repurchase yet.
Heliocare SPF 50 in the summer.

hollinhurst84 Mon 14-Mar-16 12:14:29

I wear and own a LOT of makeup blush
Stars are makeup geek eyeshadows, seventeen HD falsifye mascara, JD glow cosmetics highlighter, MUFE HD foundation
Oh the inglot 31t brush - I wear eyeliner every day and it's perfect for flicks

Olay eye makeup remover in a tube, it's a cream and never stings. Clinique TTDO balm or balmology neroli cleansing balm. Bliss firm baby gel moisturiser

I could go on for days grin I have a 10 drawer storage unit just for makeup

madmomma Mon 14-Mar-16 14:17:13

My old standbys are nivea Q10 night cream, estee Lauder advanced night repair, Una brennan cleansing oil, bobbi brown extra repair eye cream, nuxe lipbalm and tresemme conditioner in the red pot. Oh and Aveeno body wash cos soap gives me an itchy fanny grin

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