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agh, pleats have fallen out of skirt

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sky1010 Sun 13-Mar-16 22:55:34

I have a beautiful chiffon pleated midi skirt which says hand wash only, but always goes through a 30 degree wash fine.

I have had for a year and I only wash it when it gets dirty to avoid any stress on it.

It's come out today and looks rather distressed. The pleats are fine at the top, but they fade down into nothing. It's looking better as it dries, but it's such a vital part of my wardrobe that I am worried.

Is this a job for a dry cleaner or seamstress? Could they be pressed back in?

Failing that, has anyone seen a similar skirt for less than £30 in black or navy? sadsad

IHeartKingThistle Sun 13-Mar-16 22:59:58

Oh no! I love a pleated skirt.

ASOS have one in navy for £30 - can't link on this phone but just type in 'pleated midi skirt' and scroll down. They have it in tall and normal.

sky1010 Sun 13-Mar-16 23:06:05

Mine was £4.90 in the Uniqlo sale, which is making my nerves much worse sad

sky1010 Sun 13-Mar-16 23:06:18

Thank you!

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