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Water bottle for work?

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museumum Sun 13-Mar-16 12:23:58

Can anyone point me to a refillable water bottle that is appropriate for work meetings / presentations / taking on stage at conferences etc and doesn't make me look like I just stumbled in from the gym?

ZaraW Sun 13-Mar-16 13:26:55

The Kor One water bottle is pretty sleek.

Leviticus Sun 13-Mar-16 13:42:56

I can't name specific brands but TK Maxx/Homesense always carry a huge range and have nice glass ones, which would look very slick IMO.

museumum Sun 13-Mar-16 15:24:36


SagaAndMartinsLiftConvos Sun 13-Mar-16 15:26:08

I like Onegreenbottle stainless steel ones. Lots of designs and sizes to choose from.

museumum Sun 13-Mar-16 15:41:06

That Kor one bottle is actually a thing of beauty!!

JackandDiane Sun 13-Mar-16 15:52:42

try a thing called ' a glass', drink out of it then put it away.
Its not the Sahara

ZaraW Sun 13-Mar-16 15:53:12

It's really nice I bought it for a friend's birthday and she loves it.

NotSoFancyPancy Sun 13-Mar-16 15:58:10

Camelbak ones don't look too bad and keep iced water nice and cool!

lazybones77 Sun 13-Mar-16 16:10:36

museumum Sun 13-Mar-16 16:18:21

jackanddiane last week I was teaching postgrad students in a room with a tap but no glasses.
I often travel by train and resent buying water in plastic bottles (train tap water is not drinkable).

Tiggywinkler Sun 13-Mar-16 16:18:42

Try a Contigo. I love mine and it survives the dishwasher too.

Tiggywinkler Sun 13-Mar-16 16:20:15

Try a Contigo. I love mine and it survives the dishwasher too.

museumum Sun 13-Mar-16 16:20:29

Next week I'm in a conference centre three days. Im relatively senior and can't sneak out but it's a bit pretentious to be asking folk to keep running to refill me a glass of water.

Tiggywinkler Sun 13-Mar-16 16:20:49

So good I've posted about them twice. blush

Bloody phone.

Pinkheart5915 Sun 13-Mar-16 16:23:22

I have a Brita fill and go water bottle, I am currently pregnant so take it everywhere with me to keep my fluids up.
I like the design and think it looks nice

Batladyandrose Mon 04-Apr-16 12:51:26

The beau and elliot water bottles might do if you avoid the love heart design ones, I buy them because they don't leak.

IMO using a glass can be a pretty grim experience depending who has (or rather hasn't) washed it up.

FrikkaDilla Mon 04-Apr-16 12:55:45

I've got this one. Danish design at its best.

Oly5 Mon 04-Apr-16 14:42:15

The Aladdin screw top ones are great. Same design as beau and Elliot. Both nice brands

TheBitterBoy Mon 04-Apr-16 14:53:26

I have one of these Aladdin bottles, I love the fact that it isn't one of those horrible valve bottles that you have to squeeze or suck on, it has a decent free flow opening.

specialsubject Mon 04-Apr-16 16:38:09

the cheap 500ml bottles in a six pack from a supermarket. Drink and then refill from a drinking water tap. Use until too squashed or they disintegrate.

Oly5 Mon 04-Apr-16 19:57:30

That's them Bitter, brilliant. And dead easy to clean

Tallyloolah Tue 05-Apr-16 19:52:19

Who pissed in Jackanddianes cornflakes this morning? Sheesh.

MackerelOfFact Wed 06-Apr-16 09:59:14

I have one of these in a different colour. It's lasted me more than 2 years and still going strong.

I wanted a 1L one as most are about 600ml and I drink 2-3 litres a day, so that was a lot of trips to the water cooler.

If you're travelling a lot though, I recently got a Platypus bottle for skiing, which is great because it folds flat. My ski instructor had the same one and said he'd had it for 3 years and it's still good as new.

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