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Please someone talk to me about Spanx!

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pastamakesyoufasta Sun 13-Mar-16 08:47:42

Got an event coming up and have a gorgeous, but very unforgiving, cocktail dress to wear. At the minute it is totally fine and you can't see any tummy bulge at all. However, at the event we will be having a 7-course dinner and unless I want to be bird-like at the event I KNOW I'll end up having to suck my belly in the rest of the night post-meal.

So - I bought control pants from Debenhams - (spanx style, but not actually spanx brand) - have never bought these before and as I am usually an 8-10 I bought a size 10. I can barely get them past my knees! I know my hips are big for my frame, but I still fit comfortably into size 8 - 10 depending on the shop.

Looking at the size 10s I think I'll need at least a 14 - maybe even a 16! The top elastic is SO tight!!! Please someone tell me what is normal!

pastamakesyoufasta Sun 13-Mar-16 10:36:51

really - no-one? Am I the only one who needs control knickers?!

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