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Which moisturiser for 'mature' (approaching 50) skin - Laure Mercier? Which one

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whoseafraidofnaomiwolf Sun 13-Mar-16 08:20:58

Recently a friend at work who looks good recommended a Laure Mercier tinted moisturiser, I can't recall which one she suggested and I won't see her for a while. I'm not very cosmetic aware (rarely use anything other than lippy), and find it all confusing and a little overwhelming.

I'm fair skinned and would like to start to use something as I'm now feeling the need for a little extra 'help' in presenting myself to the world each day. Can any of you recommend your lovely moisturiser for more mature skin - LM or any other?

With respect to LM is suggest that you go to the counter and ask there. Tnt will then suggest the best one based on skin type and skin colour. They'd be happy to try one on your skin so you can see it. I've never asked them for a sample but they may well give one and then you can rest at home before buying also.

I've used LM before some time ago. Nowadays I use YSL TE foundation which gives fairly light nice coverage. It's worth trying something like that too and they are good with samples.

I would recommend wearing a primer under foundation too. LM does a good one but there are plenty of cheaper options.

whoseafraidofnaomiwolf Sun 13-Mar-16 08:51:53

Thank you Happy, I would (and maybe will) go to a counter, but I rarely get to the shops (two or three x a year maybe), and am impatient to get something now - the idea of setting aside half a day to assess and buy skin stuff is frustrating, but can see as I'm typing that maybe I need to get over that and spend the time to look after my skin. John Lewis sells LM products and was thinking to maybe purchase online if I could gauge which product to go for - so much speedier.

Primer/ foundation sounds like way too big a step for me. I've tried it in my younger days and found that I hated the 'painted' feeling of having my skin covered with foundation. It just didn't work for me, and so I've never worn it but maybe because I went for cheaper products?

herecomesthsun Sun 13-Mar-16 09:05:36

I like BB and use Balance oils at the moment

botemp Sun 13-Mar-16 12:08:17

Just to avoid confusion whoseafraidofnaomiwolf Laura Mercier is a makeup brand, they have a few skincare products and are branching out in that field but primarily do makeup. I use the regular TM from LM, and though called a 'moisturiser' it shouldn't be seen as one or as a replacement as such. Like most I use it over a regular moisturiser. Some might be able to get away without but it should really be viewed as an alternative to foundation and therefore part of your makeup routine. I second the other poster's opinion to ask for advice at the LM counter as you'll need to get colour matched, while the TM is more forgiving than foundation the right colour makes a large difference. In my experience LM counter staff is in general better trained than most and aren't pushy with direct sales, if you request a sample they will give it to you without issue, especially if you're unsure. You'll be out of there in 15-30mins tops.

If it's a proper skincare routine you're wanting to get into and you are completely unsure as to where to start I can understand that a trip into the shops is daunting and overwhelming in that regard and you'll probably come out none the wiser. Consider getting a facial (preferably on recommendation of someone you know with good skin) from a professional who understands skin (avoid the pamper routines) to get to grips as to what your skin type is, what its needs are in relation to what you find important so you know what to look for in product. Don't automatically purchase everything they recommend, ask for samples instead. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to know that a skincare product is working for you and you'll never know what's working for you if you start using everything all at once. Slow and steady is the way to go here and nothing needs to be excessively expensive.

Wolpertinger Sun 13-Mar-16 19:21:13

Just to agree with Botemp, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser is a fabulous product but it is a light foundation really, not a moisturiser. You'll only find it moisturising enough if you have really oily skin. It's best to go to a counter and get colour matched - won't take long and they aren't pushy. It's also a great product for older skin as too heavy coverage can be counterproductive and sit in wrinkles drawing attention to them so less is definitely more.

I do agree that the LM TM is a good product and worth trying. Of course you can send away for it. It's just tricky ime to get any make up colour just right and so hard to colour match I think.

I'm a little older than you and have found generally that foundations are very different to how they were years ago. I wouldn't have worn one years ago but would now given the change in formulations. I also, whilst loving LM TM for quite a while decided in the end that some other products matched better from a colour perspective. It's a really personal thing though make up and it may be great for you. In general I'm a big fan of LM and use a fair few of their products. I also find them not pushy at all and find the LM look somehow lighter and nicer than some other brands.

whoseafraidofnaomiwolf Thu 17-Mar-16 17:00:46

Yes I think my friend did say it was a TM that she was using. I hear what you're all saying though and will get myself to a LM counter (got a few days off coming up so can plan a visit) to get professional advice re colour etc.etc.

Not sure how I feel about wearing a moisturiser and then a TM on top. It sounds very heavy, for someone whose skincare routine until now has been to dab a bit of Nivea or Number 7 on now and again, when I remember. Baby steps I think - first step ...into London to find a LM counter.

Thank you everyone for all your help and advice. It's really appreciated. Botemp you sound especially knowledgeable. Thank you.

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