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What can I do to improve my hair? Feel such a mess

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Jemster Sun 13-Mar-16 07:40:33

My hair is a mess. I have an all over tint to cover greys & highlights. I like the colour at first but after a few weeks it seems to take a gingery tinge and then my dark roots (with a few greys) start to appear.
It feels dry despite me buying an expensive Aveda conditioner. Since I've started using this I seem to have dandruff, lots of flaky bits!

I have been using my hairdresser who comes to my house for a couple of years but I don't think she cuts very well. Hair is almost shoulder length with random layers chopped in and on one side the front bit hangs down longer than the other side.
My hair is thick & full and will only look half decent if I spend time styling it. I've been using the BBH which helps but even then I always feel a mess.
I look at all the other mums with tidy glossy hair and wonder how they achieve this? I don't want to waste money on expensive products that don't make any difference.

Any advice please? I feel a mess!

Iwillnotbeamug Sun 13-Mar-16 08:09:49

I swear by frizz ease miraculous recovery £5.89 a tub.
Honestly my hair was like straw and it brought it back to life.
Let the layers grow a bit and if your unhappy with your hairdressers try someone new.
Do your research first tho.
I've had lots of disasters with my hair lately.
I'm dark haired and asked for a few subtle caramel highlights and I ended up totally blonde and my hair is snapping but that frizz ease seriously helped.

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