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Can we have a capsule wardrobe thread?

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iwannadancewithsomebody Sat 12-Mar-16 18:40:18

Ok, so i have been thinking i should invest in a capsule wardrobe. Does anyone want to join in or offer guidance?

I started at the end of last year and so far i have:

- a black Whistles work dress
- a green leather biker jacket
- a grey leather biker jacket
- a knee length wool coat
- a pair of landsend knee high boots(black)
- a brown leather belt

I do have masses of jeans, dresses, cardigans, vests, long sleeve t-shirts all from the high street. And a collection of handbags but not a proper leather one as i stupidly got an ink stain all over my much loved leather bag angry

I like to look professional for work, preferring skirts and dresses. For everyday, I like some dresses but often jeans.

8FencingWire Sat 12-Mar-16 18:46:44

I have
4 dresses (2 Cos, 2 Me&Em),
2 pairs of trousers (White Company)
2 skirts (obscure makes from abroad)
1 white shirt
4 long sleeved, 4 short sleeved tops
2 jumpers
2 coats
1chunky cardigan
4 pairs of shoes.

Iwillnotbeamug Sun 13-Mar-16 08:40:06

I have 1 black leather jacket
1 cream leather jacket
1 woolish cream coat
5 pairs of skinny jeans
That's me done ..I'm lost what next

Bellygirl Sun 13-Mar-16 08:54:50

I'm not sure if I'm doing a capsule wardrobe or just having less clothes (same thing?? hmm ) I've got rid of all my old clothes and now I have:
2 burgundy cardigans
1 black cardigan
3 black tank tops
1 grey tank top
1 dark blue tank top
1 black T-shirt
3 black leggings
A pair of tatty old converse that need replacing.
I need a pair of boots and some jeans and that will be me done. Really struggling to find these, haven't been able to find a pair of jeans for about 10yrs now!
Oh I also have my work uniform but that doesn't count (but still takes up space angry )

KateMossIsMyQueen Sun 13-Mar-16 08:56:02

Marking my place, DH and I were talking recently as now we're 'grown ups' with decent incomes, he tends to spend a bit more on clothes he needs that will last, I still take a scatter gun approach of buying stuff in the sale, and still lack 'key' pieces, like by black work dress that died a death last year.

I need to get more organised, and selective, especially now I'm up the duff and want an "efficient" but still fashionable maternity wardrobe, but I'm already scanning the asos outlet!

iwannadancewithsomebody Sun 13-Mar-16 09:10:47

Some great ideas here.

I also have a waterfall blazer which can be dressed up or down.

I did read somewhere that you should invest in or replace three key pieces each season, with that in mind I might go for a new blazer, wedges or wooden heels and a quality handbag.

Where do people get their jumpers from? I always end up with ones that lose their shape

Sparklycat Sun 13-Mar-16 09:14:39

I wish I could do a capsule wardrobe but I get so behind on washing/ironing in the house that I'd be naked for most of the week if I did t have lots of cheap primark t shirts/jeans etc. I'd love to thin down my wardrobe one day though and have fewer better quality bits.

YaySirNaySir Sun 13-Mar-16 13:41:09

Not doing a capsule wardrobe exactly but I've decided not to replace things unless I haven't already got a replacement and wear it often. It's just another excuse for me shopping.
Vests, tights, leggings etc that have worn out have gone to the recycling and so far I still have plenty of the same so couple that with only buying a few choice things a year I will end up with a capsule wardrobe eventually (albeit larger than those above!)

The Unfancy blog has some nice pics for capsule ideas.

My casual 'capsule' (I have other stuff too!) minimum is:

2 pairs of black skinnies
1 pair of midblue skinnies
1 pair pale wash skinnies for summer
black t-shirts
white button down shirt (casual and oversized)
black and white striped t-shirt
black silk top
grey and white striped t-shirt
red shirt
black turtle neck jumper
black v neck jumper
grey jumper
black tube skirt
black leather biker
grey leather biker
black ankle boots
black and white leather Converse
red leather Converse

And for work as a minimum (again have other stuff) I have:
black pencil skirt
black jacket
grey pencil skirt
grey jacket
black tops
white button down shirt (smart)
leopard print skirt
black dress
grey dress
red dress
black heels
black ankle boots
black flats

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