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Can you recommend me a bra!

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rollonthesummer Sat 12-Mar-16 15:52:37

I'm a 34e and want an underwired lacy plunge sort of bra but without really crap thin straps! I bought one recently and the shoulder strap snapped on the first wear! Something sturdy but not industrial looking!

KatharinaRosalie Sat 12-Mar-16 17:00:33

The usual question, are you sure you're 34E? The straps should not be taking that much of the weight of the boobs - and if they snap, it sounds like they might be? Most of the support should come from the strap, and it has to be tight enough. So if your straps are snapping, have you tried to go down in back size (and up in cup)?

Otherwise, I really rate Fauve bras, they are very pretty and lacy, but durable. Some plunge models here:

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sat 12-Mar-16 17:02:20

I'm a new fan of Curvy Kate.

However, George at ASDA do excellent bras. And they're around £5-£8 each.

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sat 12-Mar-16 17:03:48

And I agree with the above poster.

I used to have angry red welts on my shoulders before I was intervened. Now I have none!!

KatharinaRosalie Sat 12-Mar-16 21:33:22

I just re-read what I wrote and it's not entirely clear - it's the part around the body that should be supporting the boobs. Not shoulder straps. If bra is too loose, boobs will put too much strain on shoulder straps.

Dowser Sat 12-Mar-16 22:16:27

After getting measured at bravissimo ( 38dd) which is what I went in wearing. I took it back the next day. Been measured at m and s ,and bought off peg British home stores. I now sticking with sainsburys. Their 38dd Lacey no padding are fab. Do the job and extremely comfy.

Got one in every colour ;-)

If they are in the sale they are about £6 and look no better than the bravissimo one.

Dowser Sat 12-Mar-16 22:17:21

Whoops got distracted by DH, meant to say look as good as, if not better than some of the bravissimo ones.

Boltonlass1972 Sat 12-Mar-16 22:17:35

Bravissimo. That is all. Try it and you'll never look back.

Boltonlass1972 Sat 12-Mar-16 22:17:58

But go in and get measured.

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