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Is there anything I can do/use to make my eyebrows grow?

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macnab Sat 12-Mar-16 14:20:08

I had my eyebrows shaped & tinted and the girl pencilled one of brows to show me what it should look like. The difference was amazing, my face looked different (in a good way!) and I looked younger than my 41 years. She said I should try and let them grow or get something called Stroke by Stroke but it's very expensive. I wouldn't mind letting them grow but they don't really! I'm quite fair and my eyebrows are really light and sparse. And since I entered my 40s they don't seem to be growing that much at all.
So is there anything I can do to help them grow? Or should I start saving for a super duper treatment?

specialsubject Sat 12-Mar-16 14:43:01

no magic hair growth potion except that Regaine stuff, sorry.

just draw them on like she did.

LuckySantangelo1 Sat 12-Mar-16 16:48:10

I have an old tube of rapidlash that I've been putting on my eyebrows at night and its definitely made them grow faster.

MiniCooperLover Sat 12-Mar-16 17:42:17

Rapid row. It's £35 but works. Olive oil or Vaseline good too

MiniCooperLover Sat 12-Mar-16 17:42:41

Rapid Brow even smile

theclick Sat 12-Mar-16 17:47:02

Do NOT buy products that will make the hair you managed to grow fall out when you stop using them.

Castor oil! It's cheap, and easy to buy off amazon. Also on Amazon buy some disposable clean mascara wands (will likely be £1-2) to apply the oil, which is sticky. I did this every night before my wedding and have very thick brows (will admit they are naturally thick and I've not ever plucked, only threaded).

ImperialBlether Sat 12-Mar-16 17:51:45

What would happen if you put rapidlash on your eyebrows?

HeyNonnyMaybe Sat 12-Mar-16 17:54:55

Rapidbrow works, albeit, er, slowly.

Pupsiecola Sat 12-Mar-16 18:02:54

I second castor oil.

ImperialBlether Sat 12-Mar-16 18:22:23

TheClick, why did you use castor oil if your eyebrows were already thick?

macnab Sat 12-Mar-16 19:47:31

Thanks, will try out the cheaper castor oil option first!

Thelwell Sat 12-Mar-16 19:52:26

Latisse works for brows. I've only used it for lashes but plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest it works on brows...

Euphemia Sat 12-Mar-16 20:41:01

RapidBrow has made my eyebrows grow really well, after an overzealous plucking at the salon.

Cerseirys Sat 12-Mar-16 20:42:44

I've always had less hair on my left eyebrow than my right, but recently I started taking a skin, hair and nails vitamin supplement and weirdly, the left eyebrow has had more hair growth since!

Deux Sat 12-Mar-16 20:45:36

I've used Rapid Lash on my eyebrows, on a less dense area. It worked really well. Brill on lashes too as I found tubing mascara ruined my lashes and left sparse areas.

Cheapest place I found it was Amazon.

CoolToned Sat 12-Mar-16 20:52:53

Castor oil.

MitzyLeFrouf Sat 12-Mar-16 21:06:47

I also say 'castor oil' grin

theclick Sun 13-Mar-16 11:38:12

ImperialBletherI wanted really thick ones so then when I got them threaded, my beautician would have enough hair to take away to give me a nice shape, while also keeping them thick, does that make sense

namechangeformypost Sun 13-Mar-16 16:23:43

Rapid brow is amazing stuff

namechangeformypost Sun 13-Mar-16 16:24:14

It's made mine go from nothing to noticeable brows in 3 months

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