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Have I found some decent leggings at long last?!

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britespark1 Sat 12-Mar-16 07:26:12

I think I have finally found a decent pair of leggings! My life may now be vastly improved wink ! After years of leggings looking cheap and see-through, even my previously beloved Next pairs, I stumbled across this from Very

They are nice and thick and manage to even hold my (3 babies in 3 years took its toll) mummy tummy which is miracle in itself. £16 a pair seems a bit much initially but I think they are definitely worth it. Now, if only I could get some jeans that fit too......

HermiioneSnape02 Sat 12-Mar-16 08:22:46

What's the sizing like britespark1?

14 in normal shops is too big and size 12 is slightly to tight as in it takes ages to get them in place and they seem too see through for me.

Sixinabed Sat 12-Mar-16 08:40:19

Ooh, thanks for the link! I usually buy top shop which are £18. How is the length? I am quite tall

britespark1 Sat 12-Mar-16 16:06:01

I am 5 ft 8, size 12 bottoms and the 12 fit me perfectly. Hold everything without that 'overspill'! Been washed a couple of times and still have the firm fit. Love them!

ouryve Sat 12-Mar-16 16:15:32

Landsend do some lovely thick cotton ones. Actually look quite smart.

britespark1 Sun 13-Mar-16 20:06:30

Thanks ouryve will have a look at those too.

ChaostheCat Sun 13-Mar-16 23:22:22

I have two pairs of these and love (and live in) them, wash well, just perfect!

ColeslawSandwich Thu 31-Mar-16 22:03:43

Ive just ordered some of these - Baaaa grin

flanjabelle Thu 31-Mar-16 22:05:50

Ooh thanks op!

tormentil Thu 31-Mar-16 22:08:44

I've lived in these leggings for the past four years or so - not the same pair - but they do wear well and wash well and stay looking good for over a year.

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