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Could this be rosacea?

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NerdyBird Fri 11-Mar-16 22:22:20

Recently I've developed red bumpy patches on my cheeks and similar on my nose and just above my eyebrows. They're slighty sorr and slighty itchy and often have what looks like little whiteheads, but they're not like a typical spot. I've suffered with acne for over 30 years and these have appeared just as it seemed to finally settling down after ttc, pregnancy and breastfeeding meant I couldn't take the pill.
Any suggestions before attempting the GP? I find very few take skin problems seriously.

LadyMacnet Fri 11-Mar-16 22:29:24

That definitely looks like rosacea. GP will be able to treat you initially with antibiotics or an antibiotic gel.

hairymuffet Sat 12-Mar-16 00:36:02

Defo rosacea.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Sat 12-Mar-16 00:49:47

I had this for a few years - tried everything - then put it in NHS website and it suggested cold sores

I applied cold sore cream bloody stung gone in three days

Looks the same

Worth a try

Pupsiecola Sat 12-Mar-16 18:33:47

It could be, yes. I would go and see your GP as a PP said as you may need a course of antibiotics. Once it's settled you should be able to self-manage it.

BTW, I have eyebrow envy.

NerdyBird Sat 12-Mar-16 19:44:39

Thanks all.

I think it is more likely to be rosacea than cold sores. I never had a cold sore in my life and I think it would be unusual for them to start in this way. The pictures didn't look quite the same either.

I have tried using Elemis lavender healing mask the last couple of days which has helped a bit. I may also try using a cream called Dermalex before I go to the doctor as I really don't want to use any type of antibiotic at the moment as it can affect another condition I have (I'm a bundle of fun medical conditions!).

Never thought of my eyebrows as envy-worthy but thanks! smile

CoolToned Sat 12-Mar-16 21:11:58

It's an unusual location for cold sores. I'm pretty sure it's not.

Could be rosacea.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Sat 12-Mar-16 21:31:33

It happens - cold sore treatment works - no other cream from the doctors did despite 2 years of this type of thing round my nose and face -

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Sat 12-Mar-16 21:31:59

^ this isn't me!

Pupsiecola Sat 12-Mar-16 21:51:37

When I was diagnosed with Rosacea about five years ago I also had a type of eczema in the same area which confused things. My GP ended up sending me to a dermatologist who diagnosed the two separate issues immediately. So mine didn't look like classic Rosacea.

NerdyBird Sat 12-Mar-16 23:01:42

It really doesn't look like the cold sores. Although perhaps there is an ingredient in the cold sore stuff that also helps rosacea.

I was wondering about going straight to a dermatologist. I've had to push for a referral for a much more serious condition and I'm not sure my GP would do one for this.

Does anyone know if a family member having rosacea might mean one is more prone to it? I think my mum was told a skin problem she was having was rosacea.

bigfatfeet Sat 12-Mar-16 23:18:14

I've had rosacea for years and the only thing that cleared it up was Dianette, which I can no longer take. I have recently has some success with La Roche Posay Rosiliac serum - it hasn't completely got rid of it but it has reduced the lumps and calmed the redness, which makes it much easier to cover with makeup.

LadyMacnet Sun 13-Mar-16 09:38:06

Going straight to a dermatologist is probably worth it if you are reluctant to take antibiotics as that is the strongest the GP will be allowed to prescribe anyway. My GP referred me because several courses of antibiotics didn't sort me. Consultant prescribed roaccutane and my rosacea is now gone. Roaccutane is not a nice drug though. You can have laser treatment but that is ££. Over the counter creams etc may have some impact but it depends on the severity of your rosacea. I tried lots of them but it was the consultant / roaccutane that finally sorted it out.

JacksSkellington Sun 13-Mar-16 11:30:04

I also agree it's rosacea.

Do go to the dr, you'll need an antibiotic (probably one a day for a month initially to see if that helps) and azelaic acid cream to treat the spots and redness.

There's no reason a GP wouldn't prescribe this for you so you shouldn't need to be referred to a dermotologist, but they will need to check if that's going to be suitable if you're TTC.

Pupsiecola Sun 13-Mar-16 12:28:29

AFAIK it's more common in ppl with red hair/fair skin/freckles so I guess it could be herediatry from that perspective.

NerdyBird Wed 16-Mar-16 00:24:20

I have got the Dermalex cream and it appears to be helping already. The area is less inflamed and a bit smoother. I'll keep on with it and see if it clears it up properly. If it doesn't I'll go to the doctor. Thanks all

Summerlovinf Wed 16-Mar-16 10:51:31

I had rosacea for years, mainly in my 30s. I eventually took antibiotics, which cleared it quickly. I still have a reddish complexion but nothing close to what I used to experience. Was red, raised, itchy and hot and people frequently mentioned my looking red or asking 'is it cold out there?' that kind of thing. Many of the products for sensitive skin actually make my skin feel and look worse but I've used Clinique for years and it's ok.

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