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I need someone to come to my house and dress me every morning please

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RudeElf Fri 11-Mar-16 22:04:25

Because i am completely unable to dress myself! hmm

Age 29
size 10/12
Boobs 32DD
Currently unable to do heels and really not keen to anyway.
Have to wear black for work but not allowed black jeans.

I just cannot get clothes right. I am entirely uninspired by black and just cannot see how to make an entirely black outfit look good. I seem to have filled my wardrobe with thigh/knee length dresses or shirt dresses that i either wear tights or leggings under with a pair of suede effect black over knee flat boots. However everything i put on i just look short and 'solid' in.

Black trousers, proper trousers with zips and buttons are either ok on tummy but too loose on hips and bum or the opposite. My tights and leggings i spend all day hoiking them up as they prefer to be round my knees! Not attractive!

How can i dress to look my age instead of like my granny?

Tryingtobenicexxx Fri 11-Mar-16 22:32:06

If I was you I would ditch the black knee boots.
With your height that's only going to make you appear shorter as they will cut your leg off(if that makes sense)
How about high waisted pencil skirts with a blouse or light knit jumper tucked in.
Could you manage a small heel ankle boot( pointy will make you seem taller )
Get some decent leggings and tights.
H&M and primark are decent for tights but avoid primark leggings.
Could you jazz it up with subtle accessories a bright bag or a nice necklace,black with a leopard scarf always looks nice.

Tryingtobenicexxx Fri 11-Mar-16 22:33:15

P.s I'm 29 too and have to wear black for work and feel like mortica Adams.

RudeElf Fri 11-Mar-16 22:48:25

Thank you trying yes i think the boots have to go. They seem to meet the hem of my dresses and make me look like one wide block of black.

I actually have one pencil type skirt but it is in a jersey type stretchy fabric and doesnt sit very well. But can try it on this weekend with what i have in the wardrobe and see what might go with it.

I'm currently recovering from a broken foot (6 weeks ago) so sticking to flats for the time being. I'm wondering if ballet type pumps would look ok?

Tryingtobenicexxx Sat 12-Mar-16 12:57:48

I always find flat shoes with a pointy toe can make your legs look longer.
I know I bought a pencil skirt from primark and you could actually see through it..awful.
H&M do some nice ones you could have a look in there and Zara when theres a sale you can find some bargains.
You could try adding a nice waist belt in a different colour to break the black up a bit too.

nilbyname Sat 12-Mar-16 13:08:04

Ballet flats can loon really naff and cheap with black tights, but can look great with a very slightly cropped slim leg trouser.

I would go for the high waisted pencil skirt and then a vey fitted top tucked in. A belt would be good, in grey or blue.

Or skinny trousers and a silky blouse worn open necked and then tucked in.

Patent brogues would look good with trousers.

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