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Ionic ... Ceramic .... Who knew choosing a hairdryer could cause such angst! Which Parlux or ...

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Ponymagic Thu 10-Mar-16 22:13:16

I started a thread the other day, got recommendations, narrowed it down to GHD Air or Diva Veloce 3800 and then I started reading the blurb .... big mistake! Ionic, ceramic, tourmaline ...

I have fine hair - short atm and I get flyaway, frizzy ends. Do I need a Parlux? I've read more good reviews than bad, some say good for fine hair whilst others say they fry it. Help - please!

Which Parlux - or the GHD?

Really want to order tonight and be done with it! Thanks.

CockwombleJeff Thu 10-Mar-16 22:20:58

Parlux !

Ponymagic Thu 10-Mar-16 22:24:12

Which model would you recommend CockwombleJeff? I've read all the hairdryer threads posted over the last 9 months (there are many!) - many say to get a 'professional' dryer but the Parlux dryers tagged as 'professional' don't have ceramic/ionic technology and it looks like that's the way to go.

dragonsarebest Fri 11-Mar-16 08:14:01

Never tried a parlux or ghd but I recently plumped for the veloce and I really like it. My hair (fine, Bob length, prone to frizz and flyways) definitely feels in better condition and has behaved better since I started using it. I'm very impressed.

Twgtwf Fri 11-Mar-16 08:16:29

<<shares hairdryer angst>>
<<shamelessly marks place>>

Ponymagic Fri 11-Mar-16 08:28:16

Interesting dragon ... I was re-thinking the Veloce last night .... I think it has more than 2 heat settings, doesn't it? Parlux and GHD only have two afaik yet my DC will often need the coolest on my dryer which is dying a little more with each passing day!

dragonsarebest Fri 11-Mar-16 08:39:35

Yes, I got quite confused by all the different specs tbh but the veloce has cold/hot/hotter on one of the slider switches, plus a separate cold shot button (honestly not sure of the point of that - it doesn't seem colder than the slider but is more effort). The cold setting is properly cold too. I bought it from amazon for about £40, on the basis that if it wasn't great I could return it, but happily that hasn't been necessary.

Liveinthepresent Fri 11-Mar-16 09:36:09

Hello ponymagic I just have to come crashing in to say I love love love my Parlux !

Was coveting one for ages so when my 15 year old drier finally imploded ( quite dramatically!) I took the plunge and got this -

it has made such a difference - I wasn't sure it would life up to hype.
It is way quicker, quiet enough to talk over (I use tote silencer) and I have so much more control. I genuinely feel like it's like a salon blow dry even with my limited skills!

I told my hairdresser I had bought it and he said in his opinion it's the best on the market -he tried GHD when the salon were promoting them but soon reverted. Not sure what he didn't like about GHD but he did mention he found it heavier.

MissSmiley Fri 11-Mar-16 09:37:46

Parlux! You'll never look back.

Liveinthepresent Fri 11-Mar-16 09:39:07

Oh and re the heat - my old dryer used to get really hot , too hot - I think it was all heat and no power .. Not sure that makes sense but my 2 year old used to flee from the room when I dried my hair and now sits on my lap asking me to blow it on him.
Don't think you would be in need of more settings.

thatthreadworriedmeabit Fri 11-Mar-16 09:39:18

I love my parlux but I only bought it for speed - gets me ready quicker!

Ponymagic Sat 12-Mar-16 20:44:19

Okay, decision made. I'm going for Parlux. Is the 385 Lite the one to buy or one of the other models?


Ponymagic Sat 12-Mar-16 20:56:13

I should have said, thank you for the recommendations!

Pancakeflipper Sat 12-Mar-16 21:01:36

I bought a Parlux because I am easily influenced and read about them on here.

I love it. I have thick dry wavy hair and used to have to spend ages drying it - takes a few mins now and if I put my oil stuff on my hair - I get shiny hair!!!! I have no Parlux regrets.

Ponymagic Sat 12-Mar-16 21:08:50

Which model Pancake? Am tossing up between the 385 PowerLite and the 3800 Eco Ionic. Both around the same price, similar wattage and similar airflow.

mrssmith79 Sat 12-Mar-16 21:10:52

I've got the 3800 Eco and love it. Not that that helps you much.

Ponymagic Sat 12-Mar-16 21:31:02


I'm over-thinking this ... I just need to order!

chumbler Sat 12-Mar-16 21:34:57

I have eco and love it

*looks forward to trying hair oil before blow drying tomorrow... grin

Ponymagic Tue 22-Mar-16 15:27:44

I got the Parlux 385 Powerlight and love it! Thanks for the recommendations!

Pancakeflipper Tue 22-Mar-16 18:55:26

Is your hair looking fab?

Ponymagic Tue 22-Mar-16 21:09:46

Hmm well not quite as though I've walked out of the hairdressers but so much smoother and with volume at the roots. Think I need a 'product' to smooth the tiny flyaway/sticky out ends that pop up as the day progresses! Actually, I need my hit cut now!

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