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Speaking very slowly...can you explain Retina A, Glycolic acid etc?

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MagicPotion Thu 10-Mar-16 16:39:11

Skin care routine at the moment is fairly simple.

Night time:
Cleanse with cream cleanser & hot cloth
Facial massage with few drops of rose hip oil
Basic night cream (nivea)
Sometimes use a serum before moisturising if skin feels dry
Sometimes use a moisturising night mask
Once or twice a week I skip everything but the cleansing and use Alpha Liquid Gold

Splash face with water, pat dry, apply a bit of serum, then sunscreen.

Liquid Gold has a brilliant effect on my skin. Sorts out fine lines, spots and seems to leave me with slightly younger looking skin.

But I dont really know what it is grin. Is it glycolic acid? Would I benefit from adding Retin A? What are these magic potions anyway?

Beauty gurus, I await your input....

mintbiscuit Sun 13-Mar-16 23:52:56

What is your skin type and your skin care goals?

Liquid gold is glycolic acid. Breaks down the glue of dead skin cells to help shed more effectively. Also helps to stimulate collagen production (only mildly).

Retin A is prescription only. Form of vit A that increases cell turnover (stimulates collagen). Helps to diminish fine lines, repair sun damage and can help with acne. Retinol is a weaker form of it and available over counter.

Depends age wise where you are. I'm in my 30s and have started retinoid treatment to repair damage and prevent future damage.

But... the best anti aging treatment is high broad spectrum sunscreen. Every single day. Rain or shine. In doors or out doors. This has the biggest impact on skin.

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