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Bright trainers/running shoes

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ThreeBecameFour Wed 09-Mar-16 16:25:37

Are bright trainers/running shoes still the in thing? I need new sports shoes.... A youngster at work persuaded me to buy some last year and now I am actually doing more exercise (i.e. I got them out the cupboard and actually started moving about in them, in the open, like in front of actual other people) I feel like a fool. A 41 year old fool trying to be 20!! She sent me to the Mumsnet best buys thread about the Reebok orange trainers which were on offer on Amazon. I bought them like an idiot thinking I would be a svelt size 10 exercising goddess, when in fact I am a wobbly 12/14 with a mum tum and silly shoes... I can't get away with it can I?! She says just swagger it out... I don't think I have the swagger. What kind of sports shoes are you wearing these days? I am in the 'burbs of London if that makes any difference.

I need to buy some bog standard normal colour sport shoes don't I...

Pupsiecola Wed 09-Mar-16 17:07:38

No you don't. You can absolutely get away with it. And who cares what anyone else thinks anyway. I love bright trainers for exercising in; the right pair can make you smile :-) Having said that, comfort and fit whilst actually exercising in them are more important. But sod everyone else. Orange sound good to me!

sassytheFIRST Wed 09-Mar-16 17:13:31

Ive taken delivery of a pair of bright blue new balance running trainers today. I chose them purely because they are an exact replacement for my current, tired shoes. But they are great fun and I'm looking forward to lacing them up and getting out in them!

I'm 43 and a very norky size 12-14 btw.

Wheresthattomoibabber Wed 09-Mar-16 17:22:00

I'm a big fat 18 and I have pink and turquoise asics. All running shoes seem to be bright over the last few years. I like to think my bright red face balances it out. Besides, anyone who does exercise knows that you don't choose kit for its colour - it's all about function.

ouryve Wed 09-Mar-16 17:23:08

I don't think it's so much age that makes you feel self conscious in trainers as actual self consciousness.

I wear them all the time, in summer. I'm 46 and wobly in more ways than one and not even allowed to run because my knees are knackered, but buy running ones for over-pronation (ie with arch support) because they make going for a good brisk walk so much more comfortable.

Personally, I wouldn't buy orange ones, but that's because I don't wear orange. Ever. Mine are bright pink and grey Nike.

Riversiderunner Wed 09-Mar-16 17:28:54

Proper sports (ie non fashion) trainers are bright at the moment. I run, and when I went to buy a new pair of my usual Brooks running shoes, they were only available in a horrid turquoise/pink combo. I had to buy them, as I've run in that model for years, but said to the man in the shop UGH why that revolting colour and he said it's just what they're doing this season.

So you will look current!

But for fashion, I think monochrome is in at the moment - eg black Nike Air Theas, or white Stan Smiths.

cherrytree63 Wed 09-Mar-16 18:32:32

I've got bright pink and purple running shoes and I'm a wobbly 52 yo. In fact at my running club plain trainers are in the minority, and ages range from 20ish to 74!

Ilovetorrentialrain Wed 09-Mar-16 20:16:50

OP if you like them (I love bright trainers!) then wear them.

IMO all the 'rules' are out of the window when it comes to sports wear. This is an excuse to go for mad colours, in fact if you're running or whatever, and glance down and they cheer you up even slightly then they're worth it!

Fashion rules do not apply. Enjoy the brightness.

guineapig1 Wed 09-Mar-16 20:29:11

Size 14 here with violet and lime green asics! Go for it!

Petal02 Wed 09-Mar-16 20:55:40

I wear bright pink Nike Air trainers - I'd look out of place at my gym in dull sports shoes!

Tate15 Wed 09-Mar-16 21:28:57

I'm waiting for a pair of Hoka One one's to arrive! Bright and look very comfortable!

JaceLancs Wed 09-Mar-16 21:45:07

I'm 51 size 16 and wear Nike in a dayglo orange - my gym kit is mainly black with bits of orange
I like a bit of colour just wouldn't wear a total mish mash

bishboschone Thu 10-Mar-16 13:29:59

I'm 41 and wear bright trainers to the gym . I hate white trainers !!! Why would you worry ? !

slebmum1 Thu 10-Mar-16 13:31:39

My running trainers are neon orange pink and yellow. They are loud. I'm 37 and a size 16. I love them!

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