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can anyone recommend a pair of skinny mens jeans for DS, he has spent a fortune on high street jeans this year alone and after a few months or less even they rip at the crotch the fit just seems to be rubbish anyone else's Ds DH have this problem? where do they get their bloke jeans from?

ItGoesWithoutSaying Wed 09-Mar-16 08:56:23

Not sure whether they are any more hard wearing, but my DH is a big fan of the brands they do in Urban Outfitters (Cheap Monday, Dr Denim, Loom). Says he finds the fit better than high street shops like River Island, Top Man.

thanks ItGoes I will suggest that to him, think he would be better with the stretchy fit style if he can find a decent fit. half the problem as I see it is that he buys skinny fairly tight fitting jeans that look good... until he stuff pockets with wallet , phone, keys, etc making him look a funny shape and putting additional strain on already tight seams but 'y'know I am wrong cos he is young and knows EVERYTHING grin

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