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Help me with my shoe collection crisis please!

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ItsMyLastOne Tue 08-Mar-16 07:35:23

I've been casually searching for some shoes to fill these categories and thought you lovely people may be able to help!

I'm a size 3 but have like J fitting fat feet. This is the main issue!

I want:
A. A pair of flat black shoes, comfortable enough to do the school run in (while rushing!) but smart enough for work.
B. As above but not black.
C. Navy heels which are comfy enough to stand up all night for someone who doesn't wear heels that often! I find heels are much easier width wise so they don't need to be wide fitting necessarily.

Please help! I've ordered and returned countless pairs of shoes looking for what I want!

I'd like to spend maybe £150-200 max on the three pairs if that's even possible. 😁

ItsMyLastOne Tue 08-Mar-16 09:51:58

Bumpety bump

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