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Skin Care - Am I doing this right?

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ICJump Tue 08-Mar-16 02:46:23

I'm feeling a tad confused about my skincare. Can I run it past you lot to trouble shoot it?

Cleanse with A'Kin Pure Creamy Cleanser & Toner and rub off with a wet face cloth
Acid tone - homemade (20ml apple cider vinegar 80ml parts water, 5 drops of teatree oil - this makes 28 cotton pads worth and use one pad a time) I wipe over face. Should I let it dry? leave it for a few minutes?
Oil- currently chia seed but will go back to rosehip when this bottle is over
Moisturizer - currently the AM one from Goodness or A'Kin Intensive Moisture Antioxidant Cream if on special.
Sun cream

I rarely wear makeup and then it tends to be lipstick and mascara. I would like to wear a blush but I have a powered and it goes on weird after the sun cream.

Double cleanse with A'kin
Acid tone -as above
Oil - as above
Moisurizer - currently an Aldi hippy one or A'Kin Intensive Moisture Antioxidant Cream (if on special)

Am I doing this right?
I just want skin that feels comfortable and looks nice as I don;t wear make up. In general it's pretty dry and sensitive I'm 36 and no longer smoke and drink rarely and live somewhere hot. And I like things to be on the hippy side of things and don't have loads of cash.

Is the acid toning worthwhile

ZacharyQuack Tue 08-Mar-16 04:13:03

I'm not sure if the acid tone is helping you, it sounds like it might be a bit harsh if your skin is dry and senstive. Perhaps stop the acid tone for a while and see what effect it's having. Twice a day might also be a bit too much.

Have you tried a cream blusher instead of powder? Revlon and Max Factor make some nice ones that aren't very expensive. You can just tap them on with your finger tip, a little bit at a time.

ICJump Tue 08-Mar-16 04:32:03

Do you know what the purpose of acid toning is? It seams all the rage. I feel like I should be doing it.

ZacharyQuack Tue 08-Mar-16 04:51:47

I think acid toning is an exfoliant, intended to help remove the dead cell cells on your skin surface. Caroline Hiron's blog would be a good one to check out, or the Beautypedia website.

DesertOrDessert Tue 08-Mar-16 05:06:16

I'm somewhere HOT too.
My routine consists can't believe I'm about to type this on S&B
AM: soap in the shower. Simple factor 30 face suncream
PM: rinse with a flannel and water.
Occasional vassaline on my lips if dry
Quite often a dunk in a chlorinated swimming pool.

Back in the UK, it was soap and water once a day.

So, personally, I'd say far too many steps, and to cut some out. But then I realise many people are going to freak at my skin routine.
I think I'd drop one viniger/teatree oil session. Isn't this duplicating the cleanse bit you've just done anyway?
What is the benifit of oil and moisturiser?
Can you combine moisturiser and suncream (and oil?) in one step?

But then, from my routine, you may well wish to ignore my suggestions!

ICJump Tue 08-Mar-16 05:50:16

I don't feel I have a lot of dead skin. Maybe I will drop the acid.

Desert no it's good I've seen skincare routine with like 50 billion steps so a less is still Ok response is good. I use the oil for more moisture. Maybe I could knock out the moisturiser and just use the suncream which is also a moisteriser too.

NiteFlights Tue 08-Mar-16 08:49:25

I don't think you should be putting tea tree on your face. That sounds really harsh. You would be better off with a gentle glycolic acid toner (I like Olay but there are plenty of options) but if you're in the sun a lot it might be better not to acid tone as it makes skin more vulnerable to the sun.

Last year I discovered a Boots sun cream called Dry Touch (I think) which goes on beautifully and is easy to put make up over. SPF50. My skin is quite sensitive.

I don't use an oil so can't comment on that. Personally I just wash my face with water in the morning. I think maybe you're just being a bit harsh on your skin generally.

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