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Maternity wear survey

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ttchele Mon 07-Mar-16 19:09:23

Hi! I would appreciate if as many of you as possible could complete my survey about maternity wear. It should take no longer than 5-10 mins but would be a huge help to me. I need it for my studies. Many thanks!

Roobix04 Mon 07-Mar-16 19:17:02

Done! What are you studying?

ttchele Mon 07-Mar-16 20:25:57

Studying design (fashion) and as I am currently pregnant then needless to say all my projects are somehow related to maternity wear...:D This survey is supposed to help me to plan the marketing.

Roobix04 Mon 07-Mar-16 23:02:36

That's brilliant. Good luck

frikadela01 Mon 07-Mar-16 23:13:11


Can I just make a point though. Combining all 4 tidings yorkshire is the largest county in England yet does not fit into any of the where do you live categories. Unimportant in the grand scheme of things but I hate having to tick north east when I don't actually live there. It's just a bit of a bugbear of mine.

Good luck though.

Cathster Mon 07-Mar-16 23:13:21

Done! (Congratulations on the pregnancy)

frikadela01 Mon 07-Mar-16 23:13:40

Ridings not tidings. Damn auto correct

ShrimpieFlintshire Mon 07-Mar-16 23:24:17

Done. Good luck with your assignment.

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