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Olaplex salon (and take home) treatment experiences...

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nearlyovertherainbow Mon 07-Mar-16 12:30:27


So I've just had it and I have to say, I can't really tell much of a difference. Yes, it's smoother than usual, but then I've had a professional blow dry.

I'm a bit worried that I've fallen into another beauty trap. I bought the take home, step 3 treatment, at a snip for £33 confused so that I can keep it topped up, but surely I can't use this forever. The hairdresser said that when my hair is in better condition, I can stop using it, as it's essentially a permanent treatment. I would have thought though, that as soon as I stop using it, my hair will go back to the way it was. I guess I'm just confused by the whole "permanent" statement.

So who's tried it? Who's loving it? And who's....not loving it so much?


TreatYoSelf Mon 07-Mar-16 12:47:48

I bought the Olaplex Number 3 home treatment but haven't had the salon treatments 1 or 2.

It sounded as if I'd still benefit from 3 alone, but I've not been impressed so far.

I've used it 4-5 times, leaving it on for 15-30 minutes each time. I could definitely feel a difference in the texture of my hair (softer) but it didn't look any better. I started getting a lot of static in my hair and it also began to feel a bit clogged up with products.

The build-up has now been removed with clarifying shampoo but I'm unsure whether or not to continue with the Olaplex. (I had never had the build-up problem before Olaplex so I feel justified in blaming it.)

This might not be an entirely fair review of the product as I didn't use the 'system' as a whole but I thought I'd be happier with the results that I have been. My hair - dry, damaged, bleached, dyed, straightened, oh the glamour! - seems to be the ideal candidate but I feel a bit meh about it.

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Mon 07-Mar-16 13:50:12

I bought the whole treatment online and applied at home, was nothing special IMO and I was disappointed after all the hype. I had high expectations that were not realised sadly.

nearlyovertherainbow Mon 07-Mar-16 14:36:00

Oh ffs! I'm really pissed off. I read such amazing reviews, but then found some negative and sceptical ones just before my appointment.

I've spend just under £100 on this stuff overall! Maybe I'll see the results better when I wash my hair next.

FrustratedFrugal Mon 07-Mar-16 15:41:55

I had the treatment done in Oct. A teeny-tiny difference, my hair felt marginally nicer for about a week, and I was thinking about going back to buy the product kit, but then had to travel and decided it would not be worth it.

Toxicity Mon 07-Mar-16 16:12:17

I've had the Olaplex treatment in the salon twice when I've been having highlights done and I think its made a difference to my hair. My hair (due to the colour) can get a bit dry, especially at the ends.

I bought the at home treatment but have been lazy and not used it yet. however I do feel that the salon treatments have made a diffirence to my hair. My hair looks more shiny and the ends are not as dry as they were. I also feel that my hair sits better than it did before. I am a convert and will get it done when I next get highlights.

I'll report back once I've tried the at home treatment - I should add, my hairdresser said to only use the tiniest amount through damp hair and to comb it through, he said you do not need to use much.

nearlyovertherainbow Tue 08-Mar-16 09:25:43

Tox, so there is hope yet grin

I've a lot of compliments, but I don't know if that's just because I've had a really good blow dry.

I should have done a before and after on here!

Toxicity Tue 08-Mar-16 11:41:17

There is definitely hope Nearly! It was after a couple of weeks that I thought to myself that my hair was looking in much better condition and then I realised it must be due to the treatment as I hadn't changed anything else.

Really hope it's worked for you too!

CrossfireHurricane Tue 08-Mar-16 11:45:51

I had Oliplex at the beginning of the year when I had a full head colour and I have noticed the difference especially as my hair normally feels so dry a week or two after colouring.
I am having another treatment in April.
Haven't used the home products just the salon one.

ShangriLaLaLa Tue 08-Mar-16 13:58:54

I've had the salon treatment twice and can't say I notice any difference, apart from a much steeper bill. I do feel under pressure to have it, though. Last visit I declined but their reaction made me feel that I was being so unreasonable that I relented. I am practicing my assertive 'no thanks' for next time.

Lndnmummy Tue 08-Mar-16 15:23:01

I have used it in combination with high/low low lights and it has really made a difference to how well the colour lasted. It has been over 3 months since my last visit and my hair still looks really good. Not all down to olaplex as the colourist was fab, but I am convinced it has benefited me greatly.

Didee22 Fri 26-May-17 11:38:54

You really need the 1 and 2 at a salon and then use the 3 at home every few weeks as a top up.
My hair was so soft after the treatment at the salon and I've just used the 3 at home for the first time. You need to follow the instructions and not put it on hair that has had any sort of product on it including conditioner or it won't be able to bind the hair.
I went to an event the other night and it was hot and humid. Normally my hair would spring into frizzy mode but it stayed straight I was amazed.
I'm getting it done again before my holidays so no more frizzy in the sun. I'm a convert.
You do need to follow the instructions they are there for a readon.
Happy hair.

Katybearcat Fri 25-May-18 16:15:27

Just had my hair fried with olaplex!

Much worse condition than highlights alone, I had pretty much all virgin hair and went for half head highlights with olaplex omg my hair is totally ruined

Have never had this with highlights before even years ago when products were harsher

I would 100% stay away from it, won't ever use it again. Apparently it's all the same thing just more diluted for each number in the product line, meaning if your not happy with one of them they will all be pretty much the same. I went for an olaplex treatment today as advised by them after being ruined with highlights, soon as it was washed off I could feel my hair in one big clump, unable to comb it

I think it's a hype and dangerous

I would report any issues to advertising standards or traiding standards to stop more people's hair being ruined by this stuff!

Katybearcat Fri 25-May-18 16:18:55

I should also say on contacting olaplex they advised me to use MORE OLAPLEX!?!? now I am saying they are at fault they will not respond to any of my emails

My hair is falling out when I run my hand through it!

Don't forget celebrities are paid to advertise this crap, why would they take time to talk about it even if it worked? Without getting paid? I'm mean cmon!

I have to laugh otherwise I'd cry,
I was shaking and sick to my stomach when I saw what happened to my hair!

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