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Silver gold or rose gold for fair freckled skin

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zippyswife Sun 06-Mar-16 20:17:08

Want to get a necklace for my birthday but not sure what looks best on my skin- I'm a redhead (nearing 40) with fair freckled skin which is pinky/flushed at times. Should I be going for silver or gold or Rose gold? My style is fairly non existent (jeans and converse). Is like something simple but beautiful. Any ideas?

midnightmoomoo Sun 06-Mar-16 21:17:21

Try on both and see which you prefer. There's no hard and fast rule....I'm a Summer (cool colouring) but silver does nothing for me, gold looks much much better! So although I do wear silver sometimes, I've never gone down the route of having my rings dipped because gold looks better and anyway, I like gold!!
Choose the one you like best because then you'll wear it. If you buy the one you think you 'should' get you might not like it as much which would be a shame.

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