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Comfy pants - suggestions please

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NothingButAHoundDog Sun 06-Mar-16 14:04:41

Not sure if this counts as a Style & Beauty question but hey ho...
I am looking for comfy pants! Am a size 14, have a bit of a tummy, not helped by overhang from c section (7 yrs ago!) and I prefer pants that sit over my tummy - high legs I guess.
Don't want to go full on massive pants, but am looking for comfort over style ha ha! Have looked at Sloggis but they do seem expensive, which I don't really mind if they are worth it.
Suggestions please!

RhombusRiley Sun 06-Mar-16 15:05:41

I'm similar to you, size 14 with C-section "shelf". The best pants I have found are Uniqlo. I like the shorts-style ones best, they are "big" but without being frumpy or baggy IYSWIM. But they have several other good styles too.

I also often wear light control shorts on top which I get from Tesco. Great for making the "shelf" and general area all feel nice and comfortable and tucked away.

NothingButAHoundDog Sun 06-Mar-16 16:30:48

Ooh thanks Rhombus, I will definitely take a look!

toomuchinternets Sun 06-Mar-16 16:59:52

I like M&S high legs.

I spent a mini fortune on Sloggis last year and wish I hadn't bothered. Yes they're very comfy but they have little labels on the waistband, all of which fell off within weeks and little holes appeared instead.

Tkmum23 Sun 06-Mar-16 18:47:49

Primark trouser knickers in skin or black. Also have csection overhang from 5 years ago and size 14 to 16

GhettoFabulous Sun 06-Mar-16 19:34:28

Primark or Debenhams full briefs. I love my big belly warmers, with the added advantage that I could set sail with them, if I was so inclined.

NothingButAHoundDog Sun 06-Mar-16 21:45:01

Thanks for all the suggestions. Good to know about Sloggis Toomuch, I keep looking at them online but hesitate to buy because of the cost. Am going to look at Debenhams and Primark too.
Tkmum I haven't heard of trouser knickers, will investigate! Ghetto big belly warmers sound good!

Pantsalive Sun 06-Mar-16 22:35:45

Primark multipack of high legs. I got my first pack recently and I love them. Almost as good as the ones John Lewis used to do.

MountainDweller Mon 07-Mar-16 00:00:00

I love my Sloggi midis. They sit just below my waist - no problems with labels here!

MarvellousCake Mon 07-Mar-16 12:10:10

Another vote for uniqlo. No elastic on the hems. Most comfy ever.

toomuchinternets Mon 07-Mar-16 22:03:46

Mine were from Debenhams, I was really disappointed. They're comfy though.

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