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Sally Hansen gel nails/long lasting nail colour

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Helgathehairy Sun 06-Mar-16 11:06:31

I use base coat, colour (2 coats) and seche vite but still generally only get 2 days out of my nails. I'm pretty clumsy and knock them at a lot as well as general house work and dog walking.

Are the Sally Hensen gel nails any good? Or are there any other systems I could do at home?

Or is it just my nails - I had them done in a salon for a holiday - either shellac or gellish - can't remember now - and they peeled off after a few days too.

Hoviscats Sun 06-Mar-16 11:17:51

Personally I found scene bite crap even though I know others rave about it. I much prefer Sally Hansen insta dry as a top coat.

Best tip I have found for stopping them peeling off is to make sure you 'clean' your nails be for painting by rubbing with nail polish remover until they squeak! Removes the oil from the nail surface and makes loads of difference to how long they last.

Also find it depends what make varnish you use. I have had all sorts from Barry m to Chanel but imo best of are Rimmel, M&S and essie.

No idea about gels though, sorry!

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