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What did you all wear this winter?

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diggerdigsdogs Sat 05-Mar-16 14:14:59

Finally heading into Autumn in Aus and anticipating with serious pleasure some winter dressing.

So please indulge me... What did you wear this winter? And what should I be looking out for to update my wardrobe over my normal fucking boring skinny jeans, tshirt, scarf and converse

BlueEyedWonder Sat 05-Mar-16 22:54:01

Black skinny jeans, black biker boots, cashmere jumpers in charcoal, black or camel. Black and white check blanket scarf. Camel round neck mohair mix coat.
If not jeans, then floral midi dress with opaques and tan knee high heeled boots. Sometimes with a black polo neck underneath. Black leather biker jacket. Camel scarf.

YaySirNaySir Sat 05-Mar-16 23:01:03

I've lived in (and still living in as it's bitter atm) grey skinnies, coated black jeans, Navy cable knit jumper, v neck black jumper, black leather biker jacket, black puffa jacket, Uggs and chunky black ankle boots.

Roonerspism Sat 05-Mar-16 23:01:08

Blueeyed. You are one stylish woman!

I have worn my skinny jeans, black biker boots and cardi all winter. I ain't stylish.

CoolToned Sat 05-Mar-16 23:12:20


I feel you! Enough of summer already - this week is still 30-ish! sad

burnishedsilver Sat 05-Mar-16 23:45:17

Polo necks, pleather pencil skirt, denim pencil skirt, biker boots, leather converse, ankle boots, big jumpers, a lot of navy, grey, burgandy and black, a touch of leopard skin.

I find I'm wearing skinny jeans less. The skinny jeans that I am wearing are less skinny than previous pairs. I'm wearing girlfriend jeans. I have bought a pair of what they're calling slim flares (basically bootcut) but I haven't worn them yet because I haven't figured out the shoe situation.

diggerdigsdogs Sun 06-Mar-16 02:52:51

Where are you cool toned?

It's still 30 in Perth this week but leaves are starting to change and I'm DONE with summer

Burnished silver I have some gf and bf jeans but I'm an hourglass and find it really hard to find ones that don't make me look frumpy. Shoes also impossible.

Love all these outfits, thank you.

Blueeyedwonder that's my dream wardrobe.

So basically proper winter colours, biker boots, over sized jumpers. This is def my season.

Itssuzeimoverhere Sun 06-Mar-16 10:13:13

Saw fab knee high, heeled boots in Myer this week , Windsor smith I think.If I only buy one thing this season they will be it. I'm in Sydney and can't wait to put the summer stuff away.

CoolToned Sun 06-Mar-16 11:11:55

diggerdigsdogs - Melbourne represent! I can't wait to put my summer stuff away too!

blahblueblah Sun 06-Mar-16 12:28:41

This winter My favourite items have been polo neck cashmere from Lemaire/Uniqlo. Slim straight Gap jeans. White shirts. Blundstone boots. Slim cocoon wool coats - I bought 3 of these beauties and a very simple Mimi cross body bag.

burnishedsilver Sun 06-Mar-16 13:14:22

Knee high boots have kind of gone out here. They're ankle, mid calf or over the knee.

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