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Help me pack for my ski holiday

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TheRealGracePoole Sat 05-Mar-16 13:36:17

Sorted for baselayers and actual things to ski in but need a couple of evening outfits, always stumped with what to take.

We will mainly be in the hotel so I was thinking perhaps I have some cargo trousers with waterfall type cards and ballet flats. Or pumps. Or something.

Maybe a pair of nice jeans, with a jumper?


Obviously I need help. Don't want to take too much as packing for a family of 4 to ski for a week is bulky to say the least!

specialsubject Sat 05-Mar-16 14:51:53

you may want to set foot outside in the evening - ballet flats will be useless. (they are useless anyway!) OK for indoors where they are just slippers.

take some trainers with grip - snow boots are all very well but pointless elsewhere, bulky to pack and also no good if it is wet as it may be late in the season

skiing is not an evening glamour job. Comfort and practicality.

mamacasshadahairyass Sat 05-Mar-16 23:51:38

Ive just got back from skiing. No-one in our hotel dressed for the evening meal, it was all leggings and jeans, t shirts and jumpers. Mostly t shirts because the hotel was heated like a furnace

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