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need a dress for a wedding but feeling sooo frumpy help !!!!

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redannie118 Sat 05-Mar-16 10:17:08

Ok lovely mnetters, I have recd a invite for a wedding in august, its a lovely Italian Catholic church wedding then formal meal/evening do. I need a dress but ive had really serious health issues in the last year and ive put on 2 stonesad and ive no idea what suits me or is flattering now. Im also 43 years old and want something thats age appropriate but not frumpy/dowdy. Ive had a look and I really have no idea where to start !!! Im 5 ft 6 size 18/20 red hair, blue eyes pale skin. If anyone could suggest styles or shops I would be so grateful ! Oh and I have a budget of 100 pounds tops. Thanks so much guys smile

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