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Is there a HOC Spring thread?

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SexNamesRFab Fri 04-Mar-16 18:01:58

Today I gave in to another mumsnet urge and had my colours done. The session was great but I went shopping afterwards and found it really hard to find anything I liked - I'm a pastel blue spring. I ended up with some navy trousers from Zara (which are prob too dark) and s geranium red jacket (which may be too bright).

I really want this to be more successful than the steam mop and slow cooker. Are there any other springs out there who can help guide me?

Darklane Fri 04-Mar-16 20:24:39

Yes, there are. I'm a Blue Spring, didn't know there was a Pastel Blue one.
We had a couple of threads going ages ago but they seem to have died a death. Here's the first one
Followed by

I've name changed since I started the second one.

SexNamesRFab Fri 04-Mar-16 22:02:29

Thanks for replying Darklane, it was you threads that got me interested. It's just taken me this long to do anything it. I think the pastel just means I look better in the lighter colours.

How much of your wardrobe have you managed to springify? Do you find it easy to shop? Where do you find best for colours? I suspected I was spring, as it includes some of my favourite colours, but I was a bit depressed to get home and realise 99.9% of my wardrobe is black or grey.

shirkingworking Fri 04-Mar-16 23:00:46

Hi - I am.... But I'm the other end of spring. Pastels aren't the best. Clear and bright are better for me. But I don't adopt the advice properly. Much prefer dressing In neutrals or maybe having one bright colour. I can't get over the feeling I look like a clown/CBeebies presenter if I wear more than one bright colour. However, at least I wear the best neutrals for me and never ever dabble with fuscia etc! (Not that I ever would have really wink)

Top tip though is to buy a lot in the spring time - more springy colours around. Get t-shirts, basic jumpers/cardigans and jackets!

shirkingworking Fri 04-Mar-16 23:02:08

Try Gap and Uniqlo for basic vests/t-shirts.

theredlion Sat 05-Mar-16 02:16:04

I am.
I'm a deep blue Spring which in translation means that whilst I am definitely a Spring, that much was obvious, only 5 of the colours, the darkest ones got **.

The yellows, oranges and corals only just got me a tick at 25%.

So I should only wear the darkest Spring colours.

I think this means I'm right on the cusp between Spring and cool colours.

Darklane Sat 05-Mar-16 18:11:02

I think all of us Blues are on the cusp, was told we are the only ones that suit both gold & silver jewellery, very handy smile

I haven't, even yet, completely Sprung my wardrobe as like you I had a lot of black including some things that no way will I part with like my black sheepskin coat. But luckily I had quite a bit of navy & grey so ad do I them for basics.
I can't be doing with the CBeebies multi colour look either so wear a lot of the neutrals with just one brighter thing, a top or cardigan for instance. I've bought a lot of scarves!
Woolovers are good for cardigans, jumpers etc.....lots of colours al year round. Then of course there's Kettlewell. I've bought a few of their tops, mostly in the sale, but don't like their bottom halves. I try to keep my swatch book in my handbag but you get so you can more or less recognise your shades after a bit.
I'm glad you've started this thread grin have been missing springy chat & ideas.

Darklane Sat 05-Mar-16 18:12:52

Add to them for basics blush
Do wish they had an edit button on here.

theredlion Sat 05-Mar-16 18:18:52

Yes the gold and silver jewellery is a definite bonus.wink

Sprink Sat 05-Mar-16 19:20:34

OP, the best advice I can give you for getting the "right" navy or geranium is to whip out your colour wallet and, instead of trying to match the item against the colour swatch, unfold the wallet and hold it up against the item.

That will give you a much better idea of whether the item complements your palette. Clashes are usually obvious, and sometimes it can be difficult to determine, but you're aiming for harmony* in your wardrobe, not absolute matchy-matchy.

*I sound like a dick

Darklane Sat 05-Mar-16 20:55:44

Yes, I agree totally with Sprink about doing that with the swatches. If you tried to match each colour exactly you'd go mad. Holding the right "page" of shades against what you're thinking of buying is much easier & you will tell straight off if it "goes" of clashes.
I thank my gran on bended knees that she taught me all she knew about sewing & knitting. Far more colour choice.

GarlicBreadItsTheFuture Sun 06-Mar-16 08:13:26

I am a Blue Spring too - recently "diagnosed" and struggling to find things in my colours. I also hate the multi-coloured look but have found that scarves work well.

theredlion Sun 06-Mar-16 10:27:45

I'm struggling to work it out too. I usually shop online but think I'm going to have to get out there and do some shopping with my swatch book to try to make sense of it.

As I said upthread my colour choice at 2 stars is very limited so I really am going to have to look into it carefully.

I agree that scarves are a great idea and I don't want to throw on too many colours for fear of looking like a children's television person.

Has anyone seen clothes they like that could be blue springs?

petalsandstars Sun 06-Mar-16 12:53:29

Ooh a spring thread again grin

I had my colours done a couple of years ago and now have so much more colour in my wardrobe. Still have one black dress (for funerals) but navy/coral/green are much more prominent. I used to buy more autumny colours and they were always not quite right, as I didn't feel brave enough for brights but now I check them against my wallet and go for the springier colours I actually wear far more of my clothes day to day. Now is a good time to look in the shops - more strong colours than pastels this season I think.

Frostycake Mon 07-Mar-16 00:26:32

Another blue spring here. I stick mainly to my neutrals too with just a flash of colour in accessories/lipstick or nailpolish. I havent seen much in the shops or online yet that looks 'right' but its still early.

Did you get your style done too? that will guide you in terms of what to buy.

SexNamesRFab Mon 07-Mar-16 19:00:47

Yay, loads of replies!

Darklane - I am glad to hear about the blue spring jewellery thing, as I couldn't bear to think of my lovely platinum engagement and wedding rings as 'wrong'. I'm trying to look for costume jewellery that mixes gold and silver together as a compromise.

I get really embarrassed whipping out the colour swatches. I worry I look like a middle aged cliche or a shoplifter. Sprink - you def do not sound like a dick and your tip about harmonising has saved my sanity.

Tonight I popped into H&M and bought a turquoise blouse and a shell pink blazer. I tried the blouse on with a tan shade skirt and it looked amazing - except for being far far too short on a 38 year old woman. I was tempted to buy 3 of them and stitch them togethergrin

Frosty - I haven't done the style but a quick glance at the board confirmed I was classic with maybe a bit of fun/drama. All my favourite clothes are quite tailored and I look best in Blazers, shift dresses, pencil skirts, blouses etc. I keep my hair in a short bob and I like to look really smart for work. I do like the boho look but whenever I try anything floaty or feminine on I look like a total frump. Have you done it? What style did you decide suited you best?

Shoes are proving a problem. What colour shoes do you wear?

Sprink Mon 07-Mar-16 19:27:11

OP said I get really embarrassed whipping out the colour swatches. I worry I look like a middle aged cliche or a shoplifter

...and that made me laugh. Yes, it can be a bit, um, unusual to whip out a colour wallet. However, having colours done really can make a difference so I don't see the difference between whipping out a colour wallet vs reading labels in the grocery store to determine allergens or sugar content or whatever it is one needs to know. You're shopping intelligently and using whatever "tools" you have to make the right purchase.

Plus, it's not just the middle-aged who are interested in fashion, in case you hadn't noticed.

After I had my colours done I gave my husband the same for his birthday. He absolutely LOVED it, ultimately, and has been known to whip out his colour wallet on Savile Row (albeit sometimes to the bemusement of the shopkeeper).

I have a friend who is so enamoured of HoC that she had her children's colours done, and it's actually very sweet seeing them at the shops whipping out their own colour wallets. (Oh Gawd, again, this all sounds so elitist and hoity-toity.)

The point is, colours are part of nature and we are part of nature and why not make ourselves as visually interesting and confident as we can? Dressing in colours doesn't have to be a CBeebies Festival--it can be daring, sexy, bold, powerful, whimsical, fun, even stern (ever seen a woman in head-to-toe red taking no prisoners? I have; it's glorious).

As for shoes, here's something I'd like to whisper...for a Spring, you're going to be in the brown/tan/navy camp rather than the classic black, but...sometimes I actually purchase and wear clothes that are outside my palette. For me, having colours done is a great way to:

a) know which colours look amazing on you
b) know which colours definitely not to wear
c) give you more information to make decisions for your own look, but with more knowledge about what gives you your best.

HTH <----the non-snarky kind

Darklane Mon 07-Mar-16 20:47:58

The blouse & blazer sound lovely, perfect for spring & summer if we ever get any!
I found that most of my ** colours were ones that had been favourites anyway, all the turquoises & blues which most of my two stars are, with purple & a few greens. Some were a shock though, red & I never, ever wore red, hated it, still finding it hard to get my head round that one.
I too go off piste if I see something I really love not in my colour though it tends to be black rather than a colour. Shoes, I try to buy the taupe/ brown/tan shades. Cream/nude is good for summer sandals & I bought some amazing bronze ones that I wore to death last summer. Navy too though they're harder to find.
I bought two leather jackets a few months ago & chose grey & navy rather than the black I would have gone for before, they've been a real success.

I'm getting quite good at whipping the wallet out on the sly. Taking the garment to a quiet bit of the shop to compare. You could always do it in the changing room if you're embarrassed.

SexNamesRFab Mon 07-Mar-16 21:46:36

I love the grocery shopping analogy. I think I'm feeling a bit past it and self-conscious in general at the moment, hence treating myself to HOC in the first place.

But... I reckon it does work. I am v excited about my outfit for tomorrow: Zara navy trousers, H&M shell pink blazer and spotty coral boden ravelling blouse. All things I bought separately which miraculously look wonderful together and make me feel lighter and fresher.

I would love to get the DDs colours done.

SexNamesRFab Mon 07-Mar-16 21:47:25

Your leather jackets and bronze sandals sound lovely Darklane.

Blue spring here. This is a great spring shirt.

eternityleave Tue 08-Mar-16 11:01:29

Another Spring here although also the other end as I'm a Bright - deep purple, red, green and sunshine yellow are my colours apparently. Not so much the pastels.

I've been on the hunt for a Cadbury purple skirt to wear to work but doesn't seem to be an 'in' colour at the moment. sad

Darklane Tue 08-Mar-16 12:37:16

Kettlewell have one but it's A line & pricey for what it is

eternityleave Tue 08-Mar-16 12:52:21

Yeah I was given the Kettlewell catalogue by my HOC consultant but a bit pricey for me sadly. sad

Frostycake Tue 08-Mar-16 13:58:09

SexNamesRFab You sound just like me. I have a blonde, sharp inverted bob to match my 'sharp straight' body lines. My style is City Classic with a side of drama! grin I like tailored/sharp/plain clothes with an added edge which may be a hard leather jacket or studded boots/bag and navy nail polish. Bright red lippy goes without saying. I loved my style day and it just confirmed what I could already see in the mirror (broad shoulders, long legs and a military bearing) grin I love the blazers with jeans/pencil skirts look too.

Like you I love boho and gypsy styles on other people but they look messy on me and at odds with the sharp straightness of my body/hair/nose etc. Such a shame.

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