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It's time to accept that I am fat. Help me dress better.

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Mooey89 Fri 04-Mar-16 11:01:27

I am 5"10, size 20. I'm 27.

I have gained a lot of weight (about 4 stone) since I had my toddler and got divorced. I am trying to work on that but while I am, I need to accept that I am no longer a size 14!

Please help me dress well, at the moment I'm living in leggings and cardigans and look so frumpy and mum like I hate it!

madmomma Fri 04-Mar-16 11:38:06

Ditch the cardigans altogether. Wear dresses. With tights not leggings. The hard part is finding comfy footwear that looks good with day dresses. At least that's the problem I have. Good places to look for the dresses are asos curve and simply be. I think the key to looking good as a bigger woman is excellent grooming. It's too easy to look messy if your figure isn't 'neat' IYSWIM? Ironed clothes and groomed hair make such a difference. X

revealall Fri 04-Mar-16 13:44:45

Mad is right on the money.

I would say that " groomed" is key here. Which means no messy seperates hence why a dress or a the very least tunic looks good. It's not to my taste but my larger friends look stunning ( and slimmer) in bright but fairly formal style clothes - Karen Millen style rather than floral / fussy.

Good hair is key too. It must look look shiny, preferablely smooth and in a recognisable style. So if you wear it long it can't be lank or all over the place.

I don't do any of the above I should say and I have my " own" style which people like but I know I don't look as good as my mates. I also have really curly hair but I need to make an effort to make the look less bird nest!

Mooey89 Fri 04-Mar-16 14:13:06

Ok. I would say I'm fairly 'groomed'. My hair is always done and my make up.

I'm going to invest in some nice dresses. I just have no idea what shape to get.

friendissues1 Fri 04-Mar-16 15:42:22

Just buy what you like op. As a fat woman, nothing will make me look slim so I go for what I like

I always wear skirts - long and midi - and dress them up or down

I have a palette of three colours I stick to

A few pieces of jewellery

A couple of good, plain leather bags

A few other scarves, in the colour palette

And a great coat

Boutonneux Fri 04-Mar-16 16:11:49

Have a look at Scarlett & Jo dresses - you're the perfect height for them! I'm too short at 5'4" so they never quite look right on me which is upsetting, as they're gorgeous.

I very rarely wear jeans/separates any more, I've found that dresses/tunics with thin leggings (as tights drive me nuts) work best for me.

Asos Curve is excellent as they cover all budgets and styles... everything from casual day dresses (New Look etc) up to more formal prom style party type dresses.

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