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Cheap fantastic face cream and make up suggestions please

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ginorwine Fri 04-Mar-16 09:17:17

Need to cut my costs plus plus !
Any suggestions much appriciated especially a rich face cream - Nivea doesn't sink in tho and sits on top of my skin - I normally use neals yard frankincense .😄

Myfanwyprice Fri 04-Mar-16 09:36:21

I use Superdrug's vitamin e moisturiser, I find it quite rich, but it does seem to sink in nicely; I've also got the hot cloth cleanser from the same range which I like.

ginorwine Fri 04-Mar-16 13:09:21

Will investigate !

mowglik Fri 04-Mar-16 14:54:04

My best cheap pics
Aldi lacura Q10 night, day creams and eye cream and serum
Superdrug serum - sorry forgotten the name will link if i find it!
17 HD falsifye mascara - check out reviews to see how good it is!
Vaseline - great to seal in all the hydration and your creams as a night time treatment - I also mix a little bit of this with my hand cream at night
Superdrug hot cloth cleanser
Superdrug glycolic overnight treatment
Bourjois foundations are fab if you can find the correct shade, and Rimmel anti fatigue would be my favourite foundation if I could find it in my shade!

mowglik Fri 04-Mar-16 14:54:24

*cheap picks

mowglik Fri 04-Mar-16 15:02:35

Here are links for you!

superdrug serum £1.69

superdrug glycolic peel £2.98

superdrug hot cloth cleanser

17 falsifye mascara £6.99

Aldi night cream £1.99

AnneLovesGilbert Fri 04-Mar-16 15:09:18

I'm newly sold on Astral face cream! Someone gave me a small tub ages ago and in desperation with my horribly dry face - literally flaking in the cheek area some days, grim - I stuck a layer on a clean face before bed. It's amazing. I also really like Botanics products which are usually on offer and very reasonable to start with.

mowglik I'd love to try the super drug serum but it isn't anywhere! Did you get it recently?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 04-Mar-16 15:15:18

I saw the Superdrug serum last week Anne

I have bought Aldi (various items) but it stings my eyes so I can only use from my chin downwards.
I love Superdrug Radience. I'm using the serum/moisturiser (in a pump bottle) it's quite thick but non greasy. The eye gel (not tinted unlike some)
The balm and the overnight glycolic peel.

Not 100% struck on the smell but I do prefer it to the Vit E results.

HappinessLivesHere Fri 04-Mar-16 15:20:14

I've recently been converted to Boots Traditional Skincare range. I use the cold cream to hot cloth cleanse, Rose water & Glycerine toner and moisturiser. Often on 3 for 2 so £5.03 for them all. My skin has never been better.

mowglik Fri 04-Mar-16 15:39:55

anne I bought one last week in Westfield Stratford boots - there were loads and all half price. You could buy online if you have a few other things to buy

NiteFlights Fri 04-Mar-16 16:26:52

Good suggestions, may I add Boots Natural Collection blusher and eyeshadows to the list.

CadiM Fri 04-Mar-16 17:23:21

I like Nivea and Astral as night creams but prefer Aveeno for the day as it sinks in nicely so no shiny face.

Donge13 Fri 04-Mar-16 18:17:41

Make up revolution is good for cosmetics as is Kate for Rimmel lipstick. 08 and 03 are good Mac dupes

confusedandemployed Fri 04-Mar-16 18:19:48

Astral for night £1 in Home Bargs

Lidl Cien anti-wrinkle with hyaluronic acid for day. £1.99

I luvs em.

gonegrey56 Fri 04-Mar-16 18:28:29

The BD Trade Secrets make up range at Tesco ( formulated by Barbara Daly) - the powder foundation is the best on the market, as is the eyebrow pencil.

ginorwine Sat 05-Mar-16 14:46:28

Wow fantastic tips !! Thanks !!!

lavazzzalover Sat 05-Mar-16 15:00:32

my 11 yr old loves Superdrug Vit E cream and loves it. I use Avon Reversalist 40+ but only but it on offer at £12ish. in the winter I treat myself to Clinique Moisture Surge but just to use at night with lashings of Nivea.

make up wise I love avon glimmerstick eyeliners @£3 when on offer.

I also like MUA from Superdrug. really cheap. eyeshadows and the highlighting kit.

ginorwine Sat 05-Mar-16 23:28:48

Got tbe super drug cleanser - seems good !!!!!!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 06-Mar-16 00:18:03

BD @ Tesco 'Face Lift'
(It says use instead of your usual moisturiser, I was hmmm but it's fine)

I bought a discounted gift set in January, love the Face Lift and bought the full size jar even though I'm nowhere near through the smaller one, but I'll decant it.

hollinhurst84 Sun 06-Mar-16 00:32:54

This serum (use under any moisturiser) - see pic
Makeup revolution for highlighters and eyeshadow
Seventeen HD falsifye mascara (make sure it's the HD one, there is two types!)
Good things Manuka honey cleanser

Abandon any small children and brave TK maxx. Get rooting in the beauty section, often really good reduced stuff

NantucketNightbird Sun 06-Mar-16 07:05:43

I have been using palmers cleanser and it's worked wonders on my spotty/dry skin. I always use astral cream it's the only thing that works for me but... I bought some boots traditional glycerine and rose water yesterday used it last night and didn't have to moisturise! Woke up this morning and my face was still soft, just used it again and it's feels so nice. Going to get the rest of the range.
I've tried so many foundations. But I'm using Nivea light bb cream and I love it.

ggirl Sun 06-Mar-16 07:18:57

Love love love Astral cream, I have the type of dehydrated skin that needs a really good nourishing cream but when i spend money on one (and I have tried loads) they always make me get spots ,tiny blocked pores. Astral is one of the only ones that doesn't .

SugarPlumTree Sun 06-Mar-16 07:28:39

I love Astral too as a night cream. Often mix in a bit of rose hip oil which is about a tenner but lasts for months but even without it my skin loves Astral.

patchworkchick Sun 06-Mar-16 08:04:40

I use baby bottom butter, works and no nasty ingredients

SuperFlyHigh Sun 06-Mar-16 08:10:46

Waitrose do a cheap as chips moisturiser, Olay do a nice hydrating one (under a tenner), boots also do rose water and glycerine toner and cream as well as evening primrose oil cream, I preferred the rose water and glycerine toner which is very moisturising. Check supermarkets especially tescos for the reduced beauty section.

Check in baby section or pound land etc for cheap cotton wool, makeup remover pads but beware some of the super cheap stuff feels like sandpaper.

MUA and I think revolution are cheaper makeup brands featured on Mrs Goss and the Gloss, Boots Natural collection good, as is collection 2000.

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