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Skin so sensitive to everything including water!

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Jemster Fri 04-Mar-16 07:27:52

My skin is so dry, I feel like a lizard! It's also become extremely sensitive to everything. I've tried Aveeno moisturiser but even that makes me itch. The only thing that seems to help is Australian bodycare which is pricey & very strong smelling of tea tree oil.

If I have a shower my skin will itch straight after & if I wash my face with water it goes blotchy & itchy. I don't feel my face is clean unless I use water so what should I use?

My skin gets irritated so easily eg certain clothes, certain jewellery, certain make up or creams. If I put nothing on it it's dry & flaky!

Is anyone else's skin like this? What do you do or use?

Patterkiller Fri 04-Mar-16 07:34:05

Have you tried coconut oil? My skin is the same with water one of many things it doesn't like I slather my face before I shower, jump in and clean and wash hair then just before I get out I wipe my face with a muslin cloth. It doesn't freak my skin out and leaves it just a trace of moisturizer but keeps a barrier from the shower water.

MothersAreLikebuttons Fri 04-Mar-16 07:38:27

I have eczema. However I notice that my skin becomes particularly sensitive and itchy when I don't have enough moisture. So when you apply moisturiser, keep applying it. It could be that your skin needs buckets more.

I use a moisturiser called epaderm. Can be used on prescription or bought over the counter. It foams like a soap and can be smothered on the skin.

FoggyMorn Fri 04-Mar-16 07:50:55

A lot of skin problems and allergies are rooted in the gut... Not as crazy at it sounds.

From my own personal experience, my skin improved massively when I adopted a gluten free diet for other health reasons (I had cystic spots, itchy dry skin, rashes and multiple sensitivities to seemingly EVERYTHING I put on my skin).

Do you have IBS, or any history of inflammatory bowel conditions, coeliac, migraines? If so your skin issues may be related to your gut and although you can help the problem with topical creams, it's not going to sort it out properly iykwim.

Dairy products seems to be a skin trigger for many people too, although that can be related to the above mentioned gut issues too.

Are you eating enough good (natural) fats? Very important for your skin!

Have you tried organic toiletries? Dr.Organic does a whole range, and easily bought in Holland and Barrett stores. Organic toiletries don't have parabens, sls, etc which are irritant to sensitive skin.

BlimeyCrikey Fri 04-Mar-16 07:54:16

Mine gets like this too. I find stopping using cleansing products (including soaps) helps no end. I use plain warm water on a flannel for my face. Same with creams, I need something sometimes so I can make a facial expression, I find doublebase from the docs good. Aveeno isn't strong enough.

burnishedsilver Fri 04-Mar-16 08:14:45

Have you tried silcocks base?
It's simple, cheap and very versatile. A pediatrician recommended it as a body wash for my newborn and I've been using it as a hand cream ever since. Some people use it as a cleanser.

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