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Cleanser for pain in the arse skin?

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MatchsticksForMyEyes Thu 03-Mar-16 21:55:06

My skin isn't great at the moment. Breakouts on my chin and there is a bumpy bit above my eyebrow that itches and then more lumps come god knows what that is
I had been using La Rochay Effaclar Duo but it's quite drying.
Just tried Nivea Micellar water and it's making the dryness worse.
How can skin be dry but breaking out at the same time?!
I need to work out how to get it under control. I'd never be able to wear no foundation now.
Any ideas for a cleanser?

daisydalrymple Thu 03-Mar-16 22:02:29

You could probably do with a very simple range for a few months, to let it settle down. I have combination, but sometimes sensitive skin, and have always found the clarins sensitive skin range fab (but it is pricey). They do a really gentle wash off cleanser, and also have an sos type little potion which really helps calm troubled areas. The sensitive moisturisers are lovely too.

(They also do the traditional cleanser / toner combo and an all in one similar to micellar water (sp) type, but not sure if suitable for sensitive).

I shallowly miss the days pre dc when I had a lot more disposable income and used to frivolously treat myself (yes, ME! grin ) to clarins, EVERY SINGLE TIME I SAW AN OFFER ON!!

RalphSteadmansEye Thu 03-Mar-16 23:09:47

Lush ultrabland works for me with a similar skin type.

MegBusset Thu 03-Mar-16 23:15:33

Avene Cleanance Gel. Is the only thing I can use on my ridiculously sensitive and spotty skin. Expensive but Boots often have 3-for-2 deals.

banivani Fri 04-Mar-16 09:22:20

Thinking low PH when it comes to cleansing has made a huge difference to me. Is your skin dehydrated? Try bare bones low-ph cleansing, hydrating serum and then richer moisturiser to "lock in" the hydrating effect, or hydrating moisturiser followed by facial oil? Low PH cleansing is a great start though IME.

PurpleDaisies Fri 04-Mar-16 09:24:59

I switched to cetaphil, an acid toner (Ren clarimatte) and stuck with my old moisturiser. That's worked wonders for my combination stroppy skin. Micellar waters don't suit me at all either.

ThomasSofty Fri 04-Mar-16 11:16:27

I really like the hydration burst cleanser by Botanics - my skin used to be very similar to yours, and it seems much better since I started using it. I'm not sure if my skin is dehydrated, but it seems to work well.

NattyGolfJerkin Fri 04-Mar-16 11:30:23

I just use jojoba oil and the hot cloth method. If I'm wearing lots of make up I do tend to use the Clinique take the day off balm instead but for every day morning and evening, I use jojoba oil and a muslin cloth. My skin is the least awkward it is has ever been since using this method (been using about 4 months so long enough to see ups and downs).

My skin is a weird combination of normal / dry / dehydrated / sensitive.

NattyGolfJerkin Fri 04-Mar-16 11:31:16

I hate micellar waters.

MatchsticksForMyEyes Fri 04-Mar-16 17:38:03

Thanks all. Going to try those. I ordered the clarins one, but which low ph ones would you recommend if that doesn't help? Also have never used a serum so have no idea about those either!

XiCi Fri 04-Mar-16 17:47:36

Cerave is a low PH range that's well priced and effective. I get it from Amazon. They have a range of cleansers and moisturisers

daisydalrymple Fri 04-Mar-16 19:22:58

I'd hold back on serum until you've found a simple cleanse and moisturise set that suits and calms your skin personally. Once it's settled down, then maybe look at adding to what you use.

Otherwise it may well become overloadded with products and you might not know what's causing the problem.

Angel74 Fri 04-Mar-16 19:34:57

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

banivani Fri 04-Mar-16 21:41:12

Unfortunately brands don't tell you what ph their products are most of the time. I'm using Babor cleansers atm and I know they claim to have a ph of 5,5. I've previously used fanny washes with a ph of 3.5 grin - because they have a vaguely "medical" approach the ph was on the bottle, lol. I've emailed the company sometimes and asked, with various success...

toomuchinternets Fri 04-Mar-16 23:00:18

I've got the same skin. Ive switched to Clinique 'take the day off balm' with a hot cloth, followed by clinique toner on heavy make up days only, and La Roche Posay effaclar duo. Apparently you should switch to effacer K if the duo is drying you out.

thisfalseinsight Sun 06-Mar-16 08:00:29

My skin sounds similar to yours and Lush Ultrabland works well for me, too. It's quite emollient so it deals with the dry bits, but it's also a very gentle cleanser so it helps with breakouts. I've recently started using Epiduo as well (on prescription) and my skin is completely clear for the first time since I was a child (I'm now rapidly approaching 40...).

MatchsticksForMyEyes Sun 06-Mar-16 08:07:04

I got some clarins foaming cleanser yesterday and after the first use my skin feels good. However I've learned from experience that it might take a couple of days for my skin to freak out over it so I'm glad you've all given me some other options.
What exactly is the epiduo thisfalse?

ginorwine Sun 06-Mar-16 09:08:33

My dd has angry looking red spots and Cetaphil via boots website in both cleanser and moisture cream has faded them in two weeks .
See reviews .formulated not to annoy skin !!!

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