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safe my feet please!

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Donge13 Thu 03-Mar-16 21:45:54

Not stylish or beautiful but I need help to find wide fitting comfy shoes.
I am now on my feet for 12 hours a day with my new job and have developed corns on both feet.
I don't care if I'm stylish anymore. I just need my feet to stop hurting me !!

MountainDweller Fri 04-Mar-16 00:25:34

Have you tried Hotter? Not popular on here but I have some that are ok - some styles are quite frumpy but others are not bad. They do 3 width fittings, up to EEE. I have heard good things about Padders too but haven't tried them. Also Evans does wide fitting shoes that are probably more fashionable but less well made. If you're looking for trainers I have some black sketchers ones in an EEE fit that are very comfy and look pretty good too.

kormachameleon Fri 04-Mar-16 01:39:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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