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Help with audition outfit please.

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SlurplePurple Wed 02-Mar-16 14:42:01

Hi I have a couple of gameshow auditions in the next few weeks but I haven't a clue what would be a nice outfit.
I haven't bought clothes for style in over 3 years I've only bought for comfort with 2 under 3 and a habit of spelling food on myself it seemed pointless to have nice things.
I'm average height, size 16-18 with a huge bum and not much boob.
Please help me not look stained and out dated.

228agreenend Wed 02-Mar-16 14:48:48

You sound like a classic pear to me (like me!).

Wear dark colour trousers and bright tops. Don't wear v-neck tops, but wear round neck tops, or Bardot tops etc.

Wear bootcut trousers. I know, a lot of mn-etters hate them, but they suit pears (and I love them).

If it's a game show, get a pair of shoes that are comfy to wear, as well as stylish.

Good luck!

Nettletheelf Wed 02-Mar-16 23:20:18

I was really hoping, when I read the title, that you would be a full on thespian looking for audition garb advice. Then we could have advised you to wear gowns with trumpet sleeves and a trilby, etc.

Re gameshow: agree with the advice to wear some colour on top. Avoid small patterns, because they strobe on TV.

Are you going on Pointless? I am jealous if so!

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