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Help.... I hate my face!

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Hellokitty105 Tue 01-Mar-16 18:35:44

sounds extreme but I'm fed up of my skin! I started suffering from adult acne 6months ago and I cant get rid. I'm sick of spending money on pointless creams and lotions which only irritate my skin more.

I am on the pill which I went on originally cause I had hormonal break outs. ive even swapped between several pills because I break out after about a year of being on the same pill. I'm using salicylic acid creams and benzoyl peroxide creams and I'm giving up. Everytime i start to think my skin looks clearer more spots break out.

I have a solid skin care routine, I wash my face with water in a morning and with a face wash at night then pat dry to make sure my skin is clean but not too dry to counteract oil production. I use salicylic acid creams and benzoyl peroxide creams overnight and during the day (I use enough to cover spots but not enough that my skin ends up dry and irritated). Ive stopped wearing makeup unless I'm going out at the weekend to avoid clogged pores!

I know everyones skin is different and what works for one doesnt always work for others but have you suffered and what helped you (praying for a miracle)!!! TIA

PortobelloRoad Tue 01-Mar-16 19:25:42

Can you get a clarisonic? I know some people, including my DD who have had great results with the acne brush head you can get with it, DD used it with cetaphil.

LidikaLikes Tue 01-Mar-16 20:18:56

I've seen people on here swear by taking Evening Primrose capsules. Maybe worth a try.... But check first if it's OK to take them when using the pill!

HaveNoTimeToThinkOfName Tue 01-Mar-16 22:20:04

Ah poor you, I can really sympathise, I have suffered with my skin for some time too. Have you tried Retin A creams? I used one called Tretinoin and although there are side effects (dryness mainly) if used sensibly it can give brilliant results. It speeds cell renewal along so any existing spots are drawn out and dried out really quickly. Some people I think have said it causes more spots, but in my experience I feel this has been whatever has been lurking under the surface being drawn out, stick with it and then the skin is clear! Makes skin really smooth and can help with wrinkles too! Apply a moisturiser a good half hour after. My husband can always tell when I've used it for a week and he doesn't notice much! It really is worth a try. I also take Evening Primrose Oil and a multivitamin just to make sure I'm getting what my skin needs from the inside too. Good luck.

mintbiscuit Wed 02-Mar-16 13:36:54

What type of BC pill are you taking? Yasmin is probably the best for skin. Do not take the progesterone only pill (or mirena) as this causes acne in those that are prone to it.

If you have exhausted all OTC treatments I would advise seeing your GP to discuss options. Differin (a type of retinoid) could work, along with something like clindamycin with BP to kill the bacteria. Retin A is also a retinoid that works well but I've heard that the NHS has restricted it for prescription (that may only be a rumour though). Azelaic acid could also be another option (again from GP) and I know some people have had success with this.

Evening primrose oil can help. Along with drinking lots of peppermint and spearmint tea (inhibits androgenic activity).

Also, with the BP you may want to use this all over the areas you get spots. This will help prevent new ones forming. You will need a good moisturiser to counteract dryness but I have found it very successful.

Hellokitty105 Wed 02-Mar-16 16:41:53

what is retin A creams? can you buy over the counter or prescription only?

I'll give the Evening primrose oil a try that's something I haven't tried.

thanks for you advice everyone!

mintbiscuit Wed 02-Mar-16 17:06:23

Retin A = tretinoin (a retinoid) Prescription only in UK and comes in different strengths. Very very potent stuff and works by speeding up skin renewal process. This prevents acne lesions forming and added benefit of anti aging. Takes months to see results but worth it.

Thelwell Wed 02-Mar-16 17:17:52

Yes. Retin A. Google how to use it properly then get some on the internet. Start with 0.025% for at least 3 months. High protection sunscreen is an absolute must.

mintbiscuit Wed 02-Mar-16 18:15:41

As Thelwell said, if you do use any retinoid a high broad spectrum sunscreen is an absolute must. Spf in moisturiser or make up does not count.

Purplehonesty Wed 02-Mar-16 18:27:55

I would recommend Yasmin contraceptive pill too. It sorted out my adult acne within a month.

Also, I cannot wash my face with water. I have to use a creamy cleanser like simple and then toner afterward.

If I use water and anything I break out within a week with big horrrid spots.

I also have an antibiotic roll on thing called dalacin. Ask for the solution with alcohol not the lotion (useless)

This clears up any random spots I get and even gets rid of ones that come up under the skin so that they never come to anything.

So basically
Yasmin pill
Dalacin solution
No water!

Hellokitty105 Wed 02-Mar-16 21:47:03

I came off Yasmin in august and went onto marvelon (which I have been on previously). Think ive been on marvelon now for 4 months.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Thu 03-Mar-16 11:07:31

Hi Hellokitty

I've suffered from adult acne too, and pill-wise am currently on Marvelon (was on Dianette before, Yasmin gives me headaches).

What worked for me was simply seeking medical advice. Adult acne is a medical issue. You say you don't want to keep wasting money on lotions and potions - don't! Just see your GP and keep your routine simple, cleanse and moisturise day and night with a non-foaming wash and a plain moisturiser, nothing fancy.

I would advise against rushing to buy drugs off the internet hmm. I do use topical isotretinoin for my acne and am well aware how effective it can be, but it has been prescribed by, and I have been advised on its use by, a dermatologist. It's a very dangerous drug that can cause birth defects and absolutely must not be used if you're TTC, pregnant or breastfeeding. Obviously you're on the pill, but this is mumsnet after all and no one ever seems to mention this when they recommend buying drugs illegally online from Asia. It's prescription-only for a reason!

If you need it, a doctor will prescribe it for you, but in my experience they will start you off with antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide. (Eventually, I had all of these at once plus Dianette and isotretinoin.)

Good luck and please remember everyone is different, so unless you're willing to shell out £££ to find out what works for you, please consider seeing a doctor for some proper treatment smile

acneresearch2015 Sat 05-Mar-16 16:28:09

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Tate15 Sat 05-Mar-16 16:34:28

Panoxyl 10 followed by a good moisturiser

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