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short, and tired of dresses exposing my cleavage

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ZiggyPantaloons Tue 01-Mar-16 16:12:03

I'm v large of nork and now I'm a size 18 it's really annoying. I'm 158cm, so most dresses have a neckline roughly around my nipple line (unless I'm lucky enough to find a higher neckline which still fits over my boobs).

Layering with a vest top doesn't work as they have the same low neckline and expose all my bosom.

I clip, and pin, and stitch up the shoulders, but nothing has worked in the long term.

I have found these crop cap in the US, but can't find any in UK. I found by clicking on a link from some random surfing I was doing. These would be ideal for putting under wrap dresses which are great for accommodating the bosom.

American Apparel do a great selection but only go up to size 14. crop t.

Anybody any ideas?

dudsville Tue 01-Mar-16 17:07:44

I was going to suggest usa shops. Some will be signed up to the tax agreement so that you can buy without your package having to go through customs.

dudsville Tue 01-Mar-16 17:08:49

I've also got some high necked tees from gap would also do the trick.

andthenthereweretwo Tue 01-Mar-16 22:43:25

Google Modesty Panels.....

Bunbaker Tue 01-Mar-16 22:48:36

"Layering with a vest top doesn't work as they have the same low neckline and expose all my bosom."

You must be looking in the wrong shops for vest tops as I manage to find them that aren't too low. They are widely available.

I agree that far too many tops and dresses are cut too low these days. In my case it is lack of boobage that is the problem.

ZiggyPantaloons Wed 02-Mar-16 12:13:51

Thanks. I'll look at these.

Bunbaker, where are these higher necked vests? It would be helpful to know which shops I should be trying. Although I like nice clothes I'm not really a huge fan of shopping for them! So have crap knowledge of what's in any shop.

Bunbaker Wed 02-Mar-16 13:21:11

Just the regular high street chain stores - M and S, BHS, Debenhams, H & M, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Next, Matalan, supermarkets etc.

They aren't high necked, but not so low that you look indecent in them. Low necklines just look awful on me and so do wide necklines as I have really bony shoulders.

hollinhurst84 Wed 02-Mar-16 13:36:06

Perfect cami
US site but dead helpful and ship to UK, I love mine
Review here

LadyPriggsbottom Wed 02-Mar-16 14:04:04

Oh no hollinhurst! I'm on the no spend 2016 thread and now I seriously want one of those camis! Hmmm maybe a Mother's Day present... Such a good idea.

hollinhurst84 Wed 02-Mar-16 14:11:05

I messaged her my bra size in the order and she got back to me to say she would do a specific XL front panel but a small back measurement so it fits perfectly

hollinhurst84 Wed 02-Mar-16 14:13:19

Oh and you can pick the width of the tabs so I got wider ones as my bra straps are wider. Awesome idea

Pantsalive Wed 02-Mar-16 14:28:25

I'm short-waisted so have a similar problem.
I've had a few camisoles from Forever 21. Some of them are not low necked. Also the ones I've had are really fine fabric so great for layering.

LadyPriggsbottom Wed 02-Mar-16 14:29:10

Ooooooh so clever! Like op I hate my bra and boobs showing. Constantly hoiking up my top. Can't quite believe there's a solution! Hurrah!

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