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What can I wear to my daughter's christening?

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sweetmelody Mon 29-Feb-16 13:39:39

I eyed up this skirt all through my maternity leave ("would be perfect for DD's christening").

Manage to snag one half price (still a lot of money!) last week but I am finally having to admit that, although I love the colours and the fabric design and it is perfect for a christening, the style is not right for my body shape. Although I remember that I wore a similar style in dress form for DS's christening hmm

Today at work I am wearing this dress in a burgundy/chocolate colour and I know I look pretty damn good grin. But to me this shift dress style shouts work not special occasion....

I am size 12 with slim-ish hips but a sticky-outy bum, and I have small boobs. I don't get out much these days so I really want to look super stylish and feel special on my daughter's big day (even if I never get to wear it again hmm). Love Self-portrait's style, but think it is probably too 'sexy' for church. Also, I am an 'autumn' and do try to stick to my colours....

Budget is £300-ish. Anyone seen anything fabulous?

Laquila Mon 29-Feb-16 13:45:36

I have no helpful advice as had a baby a week ago so am obvs still wearing PJs, and haven't shopped for anything non-maternity/bf in a while, but that skirt is GORGEOUS! I feel your pain though, as I'm a 12-14, 5ft 7", and I don't think it's do much for me either. The second link just goes to Jaeger's home page?

Anyway I have a wedding on Easter weekend that I need something bf-friendly for (maybe top and skirt or top and cigarette pants combo) so am following for potential ideas.

sweetmelody Mon 29-Feb-16 14:27:56

same dress on HoF website

It is, isn't Laquila. But I know I'm too bottom heavy for it (literally!). It has tulle underneath to make it look even fuller. Looks so glam and swishy in the photos (great for dancing!)

Have you thought of a pencil skirt with a nice print and a wrap top? I am so small up top I never do wrap tops but maybe Boden is a good place to start?

Laquila Mon 29-Feb-16 20:45:53

Now I do love me a pencil skirt but wrap tops with breastfeeding boobs (even when not bf I'm a 34E) are usually a disaster for me...bit too Trinny and Susannah circa 1998!

In my head, I'm going to be in lightish-coloured cigarette pants with a lovely abstract print, black suede heels and a slightly Cos-ish black top, possibly with a longer layer underneath and a cropped top layer that I can feed via. Specific, moi?!

Or maybe a tailored mid-length pencil skirt would be nice, with quite a big print. Problem is that I'm a week post-section and have a milk-monster baby clamped to my considerable busom 90% of the time, so am inlikely to make it to John Lewis or nearest City any time soon 😒

sweetmelody Tue 01-Mar-16 16:08:00

Laquila - I've just bought this and keeping my fingers crossed that its what I've been looking for...

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