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Can anyone help a complete bronzer novice?

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Cheesymonster Sun 28-Feb-16 12:22:24

I have never worn bronzer before. I am pale (Nc15) with neutral undertones (I think!!) and dark blonde hair. I wear Sleek Rose Gold blusher.

I have never worn bronzer before and on a whim I have ordered Body Shop honey bronzer in the lightest shade. Can anyone tell me how they use bronzer themselves and what I should be doing? I'm not planning on doing the whole contouring thing although maybe I should because I have a round face. Just want to look a bit healthier really.

MrsBee55 Sun 28-Feb-16 12:30:22

I'm nc20 and find bronzing tricky as it very easily makes me look overdone. I don't bother with it day to day but for a night out I'll do a very light dusting under my cheeks (if you make a fish face, in the hollows), and a bit on my fod.

I ended up stuck with the wrong foundation which was too dark for me, nc25, and found using that as a kind of bronzer works much better for me. I'm too pale to pull off the 'sunkissed' look and using the slightly darker foundation just helps me not look dead.

Cheesymonster Sun 28-Feb-16 21:24:43

Thanks Mrs

Bumping for any other replies?

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