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how to pick a hair colour

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Katenka Sun 28-Feb-16 06:46:50

Good morning

I have spent the last two years with copper hair. The last two appointments I have been going blonde. My hair dresser says I should be able to get to quite a striking blonde by my next appointment.

But I also fancy going back to my natural brunette colour. It's been years since I have had it. What is putting me off brunette is that I am very grey so think I would have to have it dyed more often than blonde.

Both would suit and I am really indecisive. I just fancy a change and want something quite striking. I have recently lost weight and feel like I want something different.

How do you decide?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 28-Feb-16 10:54:26

You are in a very similar situation to me grin

I am IRL mid/dark brown hair. I used a Superdrug dye every so often (when the greys got too much)
In my teens/twenties I was everything from short jet black to waist lemgth henna .

But since growing my hair from my short pregnancy hair (my DC are teens now) to a collarlength bob in brown, it was safe and boring.
I had a layered cut three years ago, hated it and had it cropped.

My new growth which I'd used a slightly lighter dye on, was gorgeous, chestnut brown.
So over the last year I've gone even lighter (I use a 10.0 or 10.01 at the moment) and like you I'm coppery.
I have put some highlights in time to time.
I have pale freckled skin and hazel brown eyes so I can go from black to light , it suits my colouring

My hair is short (about 2" on the crown) cut every 5-6 weeks dyed (by me) every 3 weeks.

I have been dithering about going back to my darker shade (the same colour as my pesky roots)
But I saw some photos of myself with dark hair and though OMG....No !

Your skin changes (I don't know how old you are but I'm 49, nearly 50). I would need to rethink alot of my clothes , make up, my attitude about myself. It took a long time to visualise myself as coppery (blonde bits if I highlight) now I don't think I could see myself dark again.

If you want different, why not go for the highlights next time? Be striking blonde for the summer.
You could use a wash in over the top (provided you don't go green. Or pink)
to make a change then if you don't like it , wash it out.

I have complete strangers saying "I like your hair"
Not "Hmm your hairs a nice colour what dye do you use"
Though I always say "Thank You, but it's not real " smile

Katenka Sun 28-Feb-16 16:10:57

Yes I do worry about my skin tone.

As a child and in my twenties my skin was so dark that people thought i was Greek, Italian, Spanish.

But as I have got older my skin is lighter. Will dig out photos of me with various colours and compare.

I like the idea of blonde then with a colour over occasionally. Thank you

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