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I have boring hair.

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Lotsofplanetshaveanorth Sat 27-Feb-16 23:01:08

My hair is a beautiful colour , but so so boring in its 'style' . It is mid length and straight have recently put on weight so fringe is not an option. When I don't blow dry it looks shit, and when I do it looks like Jennifer Aniston in the 90s boring.

I fancy waves as on the odd occasion I can curl it I love it. So I am wondering is it possible to get a more modern perm which gives surfer girl waves? Or great big curls? Or is the only perm option 80s frizz?

squoosh Sat 27-Feb-16 23:27:43

They call it a digital perm these days. Gives loose curls rather than Deirdre Barlow frizz.

Lotsofplanetshaveanorth Sat 27-Feb-16 23:47:14

Oooh. Will look it up. Thanks squoosh digital eh? . I live in the sticks so may need to consider travelling to the smoke for an iPerm,,, lol

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