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Need a new haircut!!

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SleepForTheWeak Sat 27-Feb-16 18:04:26

I'm so sick of my hair!!! It's very thick, wavy and coarse to the touch. It's shoulder Length at the moment but 9/10 I have it in a ponytail, as it takes forever to straighten properly. I'll usually straighten it briefly once washed so it sits in a pony tail better. I have a side fringe which is stuck due to a massive cows lick. I always straighten my fringe.

Two people at work have commented how wiry my hair is (who says that ?!) and I just want hair that looks nice and smooth!

I've tried very short hair, very long hair and mid length hair - and I'm never happy. I've tried layers/thinning/curling with my finger etc.

Is there a style which would suit my hair type? I never have a lot of time to spend on my hair due to 16mo DD demanding my attention, but I want to try something a bit different which is not to hard to keep. Maybe I'm fighting a lost cause!

nearlyovertherainbow Sat 27-Feb-16 18:17:21

Sounds like your hair needs a treatment of some sort, such as Olaplex perhaps. I don't think yet another length and\ or style will really help. You need to look at ways of taming your hair. There are products out there that can genuinely help.

Oh and your colleagues sound....delightful angry

nearlyovertherainbow Sat 27-Feb-16 18:21:07

Oh and if you've got really coarse hair, I would recommend losing the fringe. What sort of face shape do you have?

SleepForTheWeak Sat 27-Feb-16 18:43:07

I've got a really small, oval face. Once my fringe is straight is sits fine (as does the rest of my hair - it's just the effort of straightening it that's the problem!!)

Not all my hair is coarse, but some of it is really bad. And I've got into a really bad habit of picking the coarse once out which won't be helping confused

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