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Recommend me a powder foundation type thing

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CityDweller Sat 27-Feb-16 14:46:29

I need new powder foundation (I think that's what it's called). I used Mac Studio Fix for years - was ok, but not great coverage, so when the last lot ran out I tried the bare minerals stuff - this was ok too, but a faff to apply and I didn't love the finish. Plus it hardly lasted any time at all, so feels like bad value for money.

Anything else worth trying? Ideally something I can get in John Lewis. I'm 40 and have a toddler and a small baby and am horribly sleep deprived, so I need something to make me look less awful/ exhausted.

MamaLazarou Sat 27-Feb-16 15:37:36

Hi love. I really like Lily Lolo mineral powder foundation. I think you can only get it online but you can send off for samples which are only about £1.50 each to help you choose the right shade. It's quite a light coverage but looks really natural. Fast delivery, too.

daisydalrymple Sat 27-Feb-16 15:41:20

Hi I use no.7 compact foundation, it goes on with a sponge, but is creamy rather than powder. I struggle for time in the mornings, so I really love this as it's quick and gives good coverage (and helps me look less of a zombie on the school run thanks to dc3's nocturnal habits!)

ShebaQueen Sat 27-Feb-16 16:58:00

I love Laura Geller Balance & Brighten, evens my blotchy skin tone brilliantly. Used to only be available from QVC in the UK but now in Debenhams too. It's baked so no mess - I used to like Lily Lolo but this is more convenient.

Annarose2014 Sat 27-Feb-16 17:02:08

The L'Oréal True Match powder gives a lot of coverage, I always thought it better than Studio Fix tbh.

Petal02 Sat 27-Feb-16 17:53:01

Another vote for boots no 7.

pussinboots61 Sat 27-Feb-16 18:00:16

Sorry to butt in here but is the No7 one a heavy coverage? I'm in my fifties so don't want anything too heavy.

Petal02 Sat 27-Feb-16 18:03:07

No 7 is medium coverage. I'm in mid 40s, and don't like anything too heavy either.

daisydalrymple Sat 27-Feb-16 18:35:28

If you want lighter coverage, then if you dampen the sponge before applying you can build up to the effect that suits you. I'm in my 40s but still need more coverage on my t zone, but hardly any elsewhere, just enough to even me out!

YourBubzYourRulzHun Sat 27-Feb-16 20:02:37

I use Max Factor Facefinity Compact. I bought the Origins Powder Foundation from John Lewis and I love it when I first apply it but it goes patchy after a while so I don't use it.
I want to try Infallible Powder by L'oreal but my local Boots didn't have it in stock last week.

Another vote for the No 7 one. I've moved over to applying it with a brush instead of a sponge though - it seems to last a bit longer then. Not entirely sure I'll repurchase, as it doesn't seem to last very long.

Woodhill Sat 27-Feb-16 20:10:05

I like almost make up by Clinique - excellent

CityDweller Sat 27-Feb-16 21:11:50

Thanks for the recos. I should have added that slattern that I am I often put my make up on the train to work, which is another reason why I didn't like the bare minerals that much - all that swirling and tapping doesn't go down well with fellow commuters.

AlistairSim Sat 27-Feb-16 21:15:27

I second the Facefinity. It's idiot-proof and lasts forever.

CointreauVersial Sun 28-Feb-16 01:06:40

I love Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish.

It's a solid mineral powder foundation with a little grinder which you turn to produce loose powder, so it's not messy. Medium coverage, but not at all cakey. I use a brush rather than the little puff supplied with it.

Petal02 Sun 28-Feb-16 10:24:18

woodhill do you mean this:

I've often looked at this, and thought it was just a pressed powder? But it's actually a compact foundation?

ChablisTyrant Sun 28-Feb-16 10:26:25

I put No 7 compact foundation on whilst on the train. It is slightly creamy but I don't find my face gets shiny during the day. Ideal for me.

Petal02 Sun 28-Feb-16 10:31:30

I'm not sure why it took me so long to discover boots no 7, they make some amazing products and it's not that expensive!

Emma321q Sun 28-Feb-16 10:35:12

I would also suggest you check out Lily Lolo website. Brilliant foundation!!!

Woodhill Sun 28-Feb-16 17:35:26

Yes, you can use it as a foundation. I bought some as it had 10% off price match in John Lewis and gift. It's really good and gives a lovely finish. Dd uses it too. Try it out at counter first

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