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M&S Beauty Freebies with 25 pound spend

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AmethystMoon Sat 27-Feb-16 07:28:56

For those not trying to avoid spending (Like I am meant to be blush)
There is a great offer in M&S when you spend 25 pounds on beauty. A box with 90 pounds worth of products, including a 75ml philip kingsley elasiciser (normally 16 pounds), lovely autograph nail polish, Alpha H gold (always wanted to try this), Ren cleanser, Nuxe hand cream which smells gorgeous, a Rodial serum...and some other things I've forgotten now I am downstairs. Anyway, I think they are running out fast and haven't seen them mentioned on here so if you're heading for an M&S today......

LordEmsworth Sat 27-Feb-16 07:30:56

Already sold out online...

LaCerbiatta Sat 27-Feb-16 07:33:12

Looks like it's no longer available. .. sad

MathsFiend Sat 27-Feb-16 07:38:34

Was sold out online yesterday morning, but there were still loads in store. Though don't think they will last long..... You could try calling your local store.

AmethystMoon Sat 27-Feb-16 07:42:22

There were lots in Guildford M&S yesterday if that helps anyone?

Abominablebride Sat 27-Feb-16 10:24:21

Thanks for this. I sent DH into our local store and he managed to get one by getting the Mother's Day gifts. This is a win win for me, no mothers day gift shopping plus a free beauty box grin

AmethystMoon Sat 27-Feb-16 16:35:21

Glad it helped Abominable they seem to have been snapped up in a lot of branches. It's like the advent calendars all over again, and I missed out then. Hoping they do them again this Xmas....I will be poised!

Beautydiva Sat 27-Feb-16 17:18:18

Thanks for sharing . Any link ?

SuperFlyHigh Sat 27-Feb-16 17:49:15

Gone in Bromley by the time I got there 3pm wish I'd known about this Thursday evening Westfield white city where I work!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 27-Feb-16 20:31:35

There were a few on display in the Bluewater M&S today.
I have a litre of Elasticiser and looked at the other products but I honestly wouldn't use them, so I didn't buy any beauty products today.

I saw two of them on eBay though for £50+p&p.................

SuperFlyHigh Sat 27-Feb-16 21:57:18

To be fair 70isalimitnotarget they only had Pixi Glow Tonic Pads there and not the tonic which I think I wanted more and they had Stila lip balm colour sticks but not all testers out.

Does anyone else think this is rude but the way. Was testing the Stila lip colour balm sticks on back of hand only been there a few seconds when a woman next to me shoved me and started testing them herself too. No "excuse me please" just a "shove and grab". I glared a bit at her but she was with her friend and totally oblivious. Cow!

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