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I must be able to get boots like these but a bit cheaper!?

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TwoMag314s Fri 26-Feb-16 17:09:52

They are nothing special but at the same time they're the ones I want.

Anybody seen anything similar? cameron ankle boots

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Fri 26-Feb-16 17:14:28

i've seen similar in our Factory Shop....lots of rocket dog styles and some wrangler types. Some are slightly chunkier, but you'd manage 4 pair for that money!

You do need to go look at stock in individual stores though, they vary wildly in the store stock

fiorentina Fri 26-Feb-16 18:02:38

Asos or Office have some not exactly the same but along those lines I think.

PossumCreek Fri 26-Feb-16 21:01:37

Anything here?

clarks outlet

PossumCreek Fri 26-Feb-16 21:02:19

Anything here?

clarks outlet

rosebiggs Fri 26-Feb-16 21:33:17

They are lovely. Hush have a similar pair for £150 that I am drooling over.

TwoMag314s Fri 26-Feb-16 22:49:30

Thanks, just looked at rocket dog boots and I didn't see anything I love in the same way! I don't know if I have a factory outlet. I will do some more detective work!

member Fri 26-Feb-16 22:50:21

To be fair, they are 1/5 th of the price of the Isabel Marant Etoile Rawson that they,re based on. Basically you can get a harness feature OR similar stacked heel shape but not both for cheaper than you've found.

TwoMag314s Fri 26-Feb-16 22:51:47

i didn't know clarks outlet had its own website! thanks possum

Rosebiggs, go on, link to your boots ?? smile

TwoMag314s Fri 26-Feb-16 23:00:58

I think I'll get these.

they aren't as nice but I think they're nice all the same and they're a third of the price, and leather too apparently?!

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