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hair needs some love, suggestions please !

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prettywhiteguitar Fri 26-Feb-16 17:08:42

Hi my hair is recovering from my last pregnancy and the dry air from winter and heating. I have used coconut oils and others in the past but I have very fine hair and I think the moisture and health needs to come from some decent shampoo and conditioner.

I will tell you what I've tried and see if you have any better suggestions !
Aveda , vvvvvvv.expensive and didn't seem to make hair healthy enough for the money.

Mid price: I've used some organic shampoo from holland and Barrett but that wasn't moisturising enough.

And cheap I used herbal essences naked and that's making my hair flat and dry at the ends !

So I have flat fine hair which has highlights, please help me as I have recently overhauled my makeup and wardrobe and I'm so happy with everything but my hair !

Oh and I am having regular cuts.

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