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Why does carry transparent glasses?

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Feurata Fri 26-Feb-16 12:53:01

I noticed oftentimes, that often carry transparent glasses. Onsimilarity as for sight, only lenses ordinary transparent. Fo rwhat does carry such glasses? Fashionably, stylishly?
Who of you does carry glasses?

QueenJuggler Fri 26-Feb-16 13:07:21


ouryve Fri 26-Feb-16 13:10:45


MamaLazarou Fri 26-Feb-16 13:13:34

I've no idea, OP, though I would imagine it's mainly teenagers who do this. I don't know anyone who does, anyway - I just about remember to carry my own prescription ones!

WoodleyPixie Fri 26-Feb-16 13:17:02

do you mean non prescription as in just clear lenses?

I doubt anyone who wants to be taken seriously wears clear lenses. I don't wear my prescription glasses at all times, just when at the pc, or reading. So I do have transparent glasses with me and not wearing them, but they are prescription lenses and not just clear glass?

QueenJuggler Fri 26-Feb-16 13:33:04

I'm not sure how you can tell something is non-prescription just by looking at it? Surely you would have to try them on? Clear doesn't equal non-prescription.

fluffiphlox Fri 26-Feb-16 14:09:41


MitzyLeFrouf Fri 26-Feb-16 14:20:07

Aren't all glasses transparent? Do you mean glasses without lenses?

EverySecondCounts Fri 26-Feb-16 14:24:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TurnOffTheTv Fri 26-Feb-16 14:39:02

I've read it twice, still no idea what you're saying!

louise987 Fri 26-Feb-16 14:59:46

Could you read and re-write your question OP? I'm sure people will answer but your question is unclear.

originalmavis Fri 26-Feb-16 15:07:49

Do you mean glasses but with ordinary glass in them ie non prescription. But you can't always tell by looking through them -sometimes they might just be a low prescription.

Tate15 Fri 26-Feb-16 16:26:00

I suffer with watery eyes.

Clear lens glasses with no prescription help but to be honest I now just wear sunglasses all year round.

FishOn Fri 26-Feb-16 16:26:56

are you pished? grin

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Fri 26-Feb-16 16:32:31

Did you put your glasses on when typing?

Hulababy Fri 26-Feb-16 16:33:57

How would you know if they were non-prescription glasses and just plain glass?

originalmavis Fri 26-Feb-16 16:35:56

If you look through the glass you can see if there is any distortion but if they aren't particularly strong then you'd need to get very close.

LadyIsabellaWrotham Fri 26-Feb-16 16:37:03

You can normally tell on films and telly when actors are wearing plain nonprescription glasses for a role because they reflect the light in an obviously different way from the real thing. Drives me up the wall.

AuldAlliance Fri 26-Feb-16 16:38:49

Dunno, but I like the word Onsimilarity.
Now to find it a definition...

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Fri 26-Feb-16 16:43:39

A lot of teenage girls like the look of glasses but don't need them. Think librarian-chic.

Deumu Tue 01-Mar-16 03:36:56

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

JoyDiva Sat 26-Mar-16 15:12:34

Glasses with transparent lenses can execute different functions. If it's sporting glasses (for a run, for a ride on bike, on bicycle), then it perform the protective duty. If it not sporting glasses, then it is so possible to underline own style, can not decorate an image. For example, I carry transparent glasses with a black frame. I like. Here good choice of stylish glasses. I want also to buy sunglasses.

lorelei9here Sat 26-Mar-16 15:15:38

Joy, how does glasses help when on a run? I could wear my (prescription) glasses running but I never do. I find them annoying enough when I run for a bus!!

MyKingdomForBrie Sat 26-Mar-16 15:15:40

I'm guessing English isn't OP's first language. Think it's pretty obvious she's asking about people who wear non-prescription glasses as an accessory. I think it's like any other accessory OP, people wear them if they think that they look nice in them.

lorelei9here Sat 26-Mar-16 15:16:09

*does wearing glasses, that should say!!

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