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Desperately seeking pencil skirt that smooths lumps and bumps

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Orangesarenot Thu 25-Feb-16 21:20:12

All of my skirts need replacing, but I'm finding it impossible to find nice pencil skirts that are either made of thick material or are lined, and are not too £££. Everything on the high st seems to be unlined and so thin you can see a VPL and every bit of cellulite. Ladies, where are you shopping?

Style wise, I'm not a massive fan of skirts that look like they could be the bottom half of a suit IFSWIM. So ideally I'd like a shirt that looks like it has wool in it or some other texture.

Thanks very much for any advice.

Topsyloulou Thu 25-Feb-16 21:25:20

I've bought a couple of black pencil skirts from warehouse. Good quality material & lined. I wear them probably 3 or 4 days a week and they wash & wear really well. They both have pockets which is very handy. Think they were about £40. They normally do the same style with a pattern as well if you fancy a change from black. You probably need to look online as not all the stores stock them.

Piffpaffpoff Thu 25-Feb-16 21:25:46

Google Ponte pencil skirts. Ponte is a heavy jersey material which I wear a lot as it doesn't cling, but skims, and I find it very flattering to wear.

EarlyInTheMourning Thu 25-Feb-16 21:25:56

Banana Republic Sloan Fit

Orangesarenot Thu 25-Feb-16 22:02:05

Thanks very much everyone, I'll investigate

Nettletheelf Thu 25-Feb-16 23:32:46

J Crew do a great one in wool rich material. Holds its shape really well. I can't remember the style name. It wasn't mega expensive...about £80 I think.

Queenbean Thu 25-Feb-16 23:33:56

Whistles tube skirt

MN folklore but is so great

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