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Black eyeliner recommendation please...

(7 Posts)
Cynara Thu 25-Feb-16 18:09:12

Can anyone recommend a really long-lasting black liquid eyeliner please? I like to line my upper eyelid with a 'cat's eye flick' iykwim, and I've tried an endless array of eyeliners including one falsely advertised as a 24 hour one, none of which stay on for more than a couple of hours.

I work long shifts and I would love to get at least halfway through a day without having to repair my smudged eye makeup in a badly-lit hospital toilet!

All assistance very gratefully received!

gunting Thu 25-Feb-16 18:25:52

I use Rimmel exaggerate and it does the job. The brush thing is easy to use and do a good flick and it stays put. Even if I accidentally fall asleep in it

oOJJOo Thu 25-Feb-16 18:42:36

I really like the 'Liner feutre' from Bourjois in Ultrablack. I've tried other ones and always come back to this. It's like a felt tip nib (tapering so that t's very fine at the end), but it is soft on the eyelid (some that I've tried can drag a bit) and the liquid doesn't smudge and lasts all day. Really recommend!

Cynara Thu 25-Feb-16 18:46:01

Thanks gunting and oOJJOo very much, I'm off to Boots tomorrow to try both those suggestions on the back of my hand!

Lenazabaglione Thu 25-Feb-16 19:15:17

Mac Liquidlast is bombproof! Honestly, it doesn't budge til you take it off.

misslemonsfilingcabinet Thu 25-Feb-16 20:15:22

If you like a pencil, some kind person on here recommended NARS night series- really pretty flecks of colour and easy to apply but good staying power.

Not cheap mind you but lasts well

TobleroneBoo Thu 25-Feb-16 20:18:48

I constantly recommend Stila waterproof eyeliner. My eyes water everytime I laugh and this has never budged

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